London based Sound Healer and Artist specialising in wellness, spirituality and self-empowerment.

thou alone offers readings purely tailored towards personal growth and to harness awareness so it may be applied consciously in our daily lives.

the subconscious operates purely on feeling and imagery. 

as the saying goes:
“a picture is worth a thousand words”

sometimes we need an external prompt to trigger and help us configure or come to terms with our inner world. 

a space where patterns and so called logic can be observed and questioned: to look deeper into our selves, our motivation and drives, to sharpen what serves us and identify what holds us back.

by using a combination of tarot and oracle cards, we can explore and discuss the themes presented in these readings in order to interpret, comprehend and ultimately apply to our daily lives to keep us on track with our personal development and our growth in both the inner &  outer worlds.

ultimately it comes down to us what we choose to do (or not do) as these cards serve to question our motives and operating systems beyond conditioning in the perceived reality we inhabit.

cartomancy and divination has been used throughout history to entertain and retrain ourselves through the visual format.
as always, we are born with free will and can create or destroy as we so choose. in order to really hone this energy and the power of archetypes and symbolism – tarot offers us a visual story for innerstanding.