Sound Healing is an ancient practice using the original language and energy form of sound.

In short, it is the conscious application of frequencies, harmonic intervals and rhythm which alters our state of consciousness.

This allows our bodies to facilitate its own healing process.

Depending on how our brain operates due to habits, traumas and subconscious experiences, sometimes we can get out out of tune.

Our brain operates on a range of bandwidths from gamma, beta
(the waking state @ 12-30hz)
to delta (K.O unconscious < 4hz) in our everyday lives.

When we are running on empty or working overtime our brain does not spend the optimum and downright required time to rest and restore. 

Especially during times of change, accumulated stress or experiencing any internal and external imbalances. 

Sometimes, we can get stuck in a lower frequency where we find our energy levels at a constant depletion, where any drive becomes destitute.

A Sound Healing session can serve as a deep defrag of our stuck systems whether our ailments manifest themselves physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

By combining relaxation, intention and altering our state of consciousness – we can rewire and exercise neural pathways that facilitate personal growth and reveal any patterns that hinder the process.

From Mozart to Mos Def to Massive Attack: the application of sound, harmony, melody and rhythm combined with our beliefs and deep feeling serves us as a solution to our search for solace and inner peace.