the silver stream on soho radio

The Silver Stream is a journey through ideas in collaboration with invited guests.

For this episode creator and host Byzantia Harlow is joined by Hayley Ku’unani, AKA Thou Alone.

Her work is a spiritual practice, using a range of different mediums such as blackout poetry, photography and collage. Currently she focuses on music and sound, drawing inspiration from Astrology, Numerology, Quantum Physics, Existentialism and Eros.

The episode features sound works by Thou Alone.

To conclude the episode the artists perform a collaborative tarot reading for the listeners.

magical women

5 question artist Q+A with Magical Women:
the neurodivergent art platform run by neurodivergents for neurodivergents
answering questions related to my Sound Healing practice.

free seed films x the silver stream soho radio

Free Seed Films x The Silver Stream on Soho Radio New Year special featuring a bespoke sound healing piece, a reflection on the tarot reading for 2020 from the end of 2019 + an astrological forecast for 2021.

Timestamp 59 mins for Thou Alone segment.

demo lit ion ep

demo lit ion

The destruction of form.
An action and/or process of demolishing or being demolished.

Demo Lit Ion is the debut EP by Thou Alone, made by Artist and Sound Healing Practitioner Hayley Ku'unani.

Using an old laptop on a guitar stand to weigh down and tentatively balance the microphone stand: this created a pseudo studio using GarageBand from her living room floor.

Using layered vocal toning correlating to the different chakras, Demo Lit Ion takes us on a journey through different emotional states and serves as an ethereal and eerie evocation of a haunted heart.

Demo Lit Ion is the release of these demos, created and explored as a 'lit' 'ion' - living an earthly experience in present day.

Inspired by her spiritual journey, sound healing and the work of Danish Physicist Niehls Bohr - particularly around his work on atomic structures and the complementarity principal - these tracks have been a sonic interpretation processing personal milestones through the emotional spectrum - particularly in the song 'Particle & The Wave'.

Self taught and self-produced - Demo Lit Ion serves as the destruction of the former self through the birth of sharing this body of work with the world.

intuitive tarot coaching review

Tarot Coaching, PDF + Bespoke Meditation review with West London Living.

too little too late (jojo cover)

Cover of the 2006 hit by Jojo.

This was a one take wonder with a single mic using GarageBand.

This is a Sound Healing inspired cover, tuned down a step and using vowel sound vocal toning correlating to the sacral and solar plexus energetic centres (OOH/OH) to sonically create the reclamation of power after a betrayal or a breakup.

These vocal techniques are nourishing to these energy centres which govern creativity, sexuality, joy, power, self-esteem and strength. ⠀

self-protection manifesto

Created in collaboration with Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club x Social Creative Network as part of the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

This collaborative work is the response to an open call for work on self-protection, self-love + self-care.

Click on the link below and view the manifesto: featuring an excerpt from my 'Another Imitation of Christ' blackout poetry works.

letters to lost lovers exhibition curated by ryan lanji

Covered by Hunger Magazine
2nd February - 24th February 2018
Kreativ House
280 Mare Street
E8 1HE