Thou Alone/Hayley Ku’unani is an accredited Sound Healing Practitioner and also draws from her own personal experience through the use of Tarot and Coaching.

The advice and information offered on this website is based exclusively on Hayley Ku’unani’s own experiences and interpretation of this information.

Therefore, Hayley Ku’unani makes no promises regarding the accuracy, relevance and quality of the information and methods especially regarding tarot reading and intuitive coaching. 

Hayley Ku’unani is a complimentary Sound Therapist and does not conduct medical or psychotherapeutic diagnoses.

Sound is truly powerful + transformative and may be unsuitable for those with heart conditions, epilepsy, psychosis or during pregnancy. 

Please speak to your healthcare professional before starting your journey using healing sound. 

Understand that any complementary therapy treatment which you receive is not a substitute for a medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. 

It is your responsibility and understanding that it is recommended to see such a practitioner for any physical or psychological problem you may have now or in the future.

Thou Alone offers clients a spiritual perspective as a sounding board in order to aid their own self-empowerment and healing process.

The images on this site belong to the artists/photographers who have created them, which are linked in the image themselves. Images that are not linked are created by Hayley Ku’unani. 

Thou Alone provides original content whether solely created or collaborated with others.