Thou Alone offers bespoke and intuitive lifestyle coaching to identify where you’re at, where you want to go and who you want to become.

Drawing from her own personal practices and experiences, these lifestyle coaching sessions combine all of the elements to create and solidify the foundations to build your future upon.

These sessions are a collaboration and serve as a safe sounding board to actualise your goals by identifying any subconscious blocks and scripts running in the CPU of your mind.

These sessions are filled to the brim with practical spells and rituals to hone and heal heart and mind.

It is so easy to feel disconnected in the modern world. 

Oftentimes, we lose sight of ourselves in this fast paced world we’re living in – we so often fail to see what can be right in front (and within) us all along.

These sessions draw from a range of philosophies and esoteric principals as well as little life hacks we unconsciously consume.

Sometimes we need a strong cup of cold brew real-i-tea that neurotypical niceties sweep said leftover leaves under the rug – leaving us with a band of dust tea bunnies of our unresolved past.

Get the dustpan ready, its time for a deep clean of the psyche.