Thou Alone is created by Hayley Ku’unani – an intuitive artist blending an array of modalities and craft into packages for self improvement to create self-empowerment.


a musician, artist and recently accredited Sound Healing Practitioner –

Hayley draws from the well of resources she has studied as well as from her own wisdom and disciplinary practices.


This ranges from blackout poetry, tarot & oracle reading, ideological and psychological prompting, as well as her relationship with music and sound as a form of energy healing. 

The name Thou Alone derived from one of her projects which was a complete re-write of the 15th Century Christian Novel – ‘Of The Imitation of Christ’ originally written by Thomas A Kempis.

She then entitled this as ‘Another Imitation of Christ’ through the art of blackout poetry – a characteristic medium from the Dada art movement. 

London based Sound Healer and Artist specialising in wellness, spirituality and self-empowerment.

Her brand and method is not about being ‘alone’ in the sense of acting from solely one’s own interests, nor does it encourage selfishness and a lack of collaboration; however, it serves as taking 100% responsibility for our own lives and managing our subconscious drives and behaviours in order to lead an empowered and fulfilling life for ourselves and blessing those around us from a place of authenticity and awareness. 


Hayley is based in london, united kingdom and offers all of her services online via Zoom.


Whether it is through the collective Sound Baths, Tarot Readings, 1:1 Sound Healing, Coaching or the bespoke meditations and PDF’s – her mission is to present a flexible & fully bespoke menu of services in order to provide insight, clarity and most importantly a sense of self-empowerment. 

thou alone

Thou Alone reiterates that all of the answers already lay within us…

it is just a matter of decoding and reorganising all that lays beneath the programming from society, previous life experiences and any unresolved trauma which can manifest itself in rather roundabout ways.