London based Sound Healer and Artist specialising in wellness, spirituality and self-empowerment.

Thou Alone is created by Hayley Ku’unani – blending an array of modalities and craft into packages for self improvement to strengthen self-empowerment. 

Hayley is an Interdisciplinary Artist and accredited Sound Healing Practitioner, drawing from the well of resources & studies whether from life experience or disciplinary practice. 

This ranges from Blackout Poetry, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot & Oracle reading, ideological and psychological prompting, as well as the relationship to music and sound as a form of energy healing. 

The name Thou Alone derived from one of her projects which was a complete re-write of the 15th Century Christian Novel – ‘Of The Imitation of Christ’ originally written by Thomas A Kempis.

This was then entitled as ‘Another Imitation of Christ’ through the art of Blackout Poetry – a characteristic medium from the Dada art movement. 

thou alone
London based Sound Healer and Artist specialising in wellness, spirituality and self-empowerment.

The brand and method is not about being ‘alone’ in the sense of acting from solely one’s own interests, nor does it encourage selfishness and a lack of collaboration.


It serves as taking 100% responsibility for our own lives, managing our subconscious drives and behaviours so we may lead an empowered and fulfilling life for ourselves – blessing those around us from a place of authenticity and awareness. 


Hayley is based in London, United Kingdom and currently offers her services virtually via Zoom or in-person at Sadhana Yoga and Wellbeing.


Whether it is through the collective Sound Baths, Tarot Readings, 1:1 Sound Healing, Coaching or the bespoke meditations and PDF’s – the mission is to present a flexible and fully bespoke menu of services in order to provide insight, clarity and most importantly reinvigorating self-empowerment. 

Thou Alone reiterates that all the answers are already within us, it is just a matter of decoding and deprogramming what no longer serves our highest good so we may live an empowered and fulfilled life.