We’ll be experiencing the New Moon in the sign of Cancer at 18 degrees on the 10th of July 2021. 

This energy will be most potent until the 12th of July; However, we’ll be feeling this energy with some increased clarity moving forward lasting for the following fortnight. 

This New Moon offers us some powerful influences to invite us to re-attune to our needs so we may be reborn. We can use this time to resurrect from any of the influences and/or consequences from the chaos of Eclipse Season and the T-Square we’ve been in between Saturn, Uranus and Mars. 

This is a wise time to connect with – or discover – outlets for change combined with setting any intentions for renewal, rebirth and embarking a new cycle. 

Much like the crab that represents Cancer, this is the time to retreat inwards and listen to our needs moving forward found via stillness and presence. 

Crabs are marine invertebrates – meaning that their sensory organs are externalised either via hairs which detect seismic vibration or the chordotonal organs which are found in the joint tissues of their extremities: i.e the antennae or the legs. 

Interesting fact: it is speculated that Crabs stop receiving acoustical input when they are walking. 

The interesting takeaway from contemplating this crustacean can be interpreted in two ways depending on where we are experiencing the excess of sensory overload/input. 

If we are overwhelmed by the external, I’d recommend to use this Moon Cycle to retreat into our shell and receive our own truths by tuning into our own unique tune. 

On the flip-side, if experiencing this excess and overwhelm internally – take this Moon Cycle to mindfully move.  Whether that is taking a walk, going for a run, dancing or another form of workout. This movement can tame our nervous system from frying and burning out. 

Or – better still – combine the two as we see fit.

What is the cosmic influence play by play?

We will still be under the influence of some more challenging transits – particularly the T-Square between Saturn, Uranus and Mars with an additional celestial body, Venus (also in Leo) invited to the cosmic quarrel. 

This can be seen as conflict between any fixed behaviours and values which are at odds with the boundaries and structures of Saturn in Aquarius and the stifled expressions of innovation distracted by the more material/physical comforts of Uranus in Taurus. 

This can create friction, frustrations and fallouts with aspects of ourselves, interpersonally and collectively. Uranus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius brings the all familiar yet equally-feels-fucky energy of unexpected changes, stagnation and limitations. 

With the additional square between Venus and Mars in Leo in this cosmic configuration, we will be able to see where some of our fixed values (Venus) and motivations and methods (Mars) will be at odds with the chrysalis and constrictions between Saturn and Uranus. 

We may have the lingering sense of confusion and lack of clarity with Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces – so the best way to navigate this is by dialling into our own operating systems, load that astral AOL and firewire our feelings to our version of source-code. 

Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces will be contributing to a sense of confusion, illusion and themes of deception – so the best bet is to tune out so we may tune into our own emotional/spiritual GPS to clear up any static or conflicting messages internally and externally. 

Cosmic chaos and commotion aside, this Moon Cycle brings an abundance of harmonious and supportive energies especially with the sextile between both the Sun & Moon in relation Uranus in Taurus. 

The alignment between our persona (The Sun) and our emotions (The Moon) will better facilitate creating the outlet and avenues for the changes we feel to create regarding any elements + aspects of our lives which may benefit from curation, alteration and trimming. As the Sun & Moon are also making a trine to Neptune in Pisces – this aspect really hones in our ability to connect with our inner selves & the subconscious as navigation to emotionally/subconsciously feel things out. 

Think of this transit as a throwback to the 2000’s. We are LimeWire poppin’ off with downloads and code to update MySpace – the hub of our creative expression that is alignment with how we wish to portray, embody & show up in this current incarnation.

With Uranus lending a helping hand in grounding ourselves in outlets, creating new ideas and laying out a template on actualisation and innovation. 

Neptune also offers insight and support with the sextile to Pluto retrograde which gives us the deep downloads of our LimeWire to defrag and restructure any of the shadow and deeply subconscious narratives that Pluto plays out into our subjective experience. Especially when it comes to managing any conflict we may experience with the Saturn opposition between Venus + Mars in Leo. 

Shout-outs and invocations to the Neptune sextile Pluto energy – as this will really help us in releasing any fixed ideas, values or processes which may no longer be working in our best interest. 

We look to these cosmic expressions and geometric guides as a way to dismantle what hasn’t worked out for us. 

Whether this is due to unstable foundations, the wrong filler, deviated directions or the Stockholm syndrome relationship to our subconscious minds – with a pinch of altered states of consciousness and pure intent, we can most definitely maximise this energy to formulate our own personal remedy.

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oracle insight

  • How would we describe the current dynamic playing out in our lives? 
  • In what ways would we like to see change relating to our current dynamic?
  • How can we best unify and facilitate a harmonious, flowing dynamic moving forward?
  • Take a moment to reflect on some of the achievements accomplished – how does this make us feel?
  • Reflecting on ourselves, our dreams and our desires – what can we channel moving forward towards our goals?
  • What methods work best for us to connect with our intuition? 
  • Bringing our awareness between our brows: what feelings, messages or inspirations arise? 



third eye




  • How can we best support our self-expression during this time?
  • When was the last time our truth was expressed? Did it feel authentic or stifled? 
  • What holds us back from expressing our personal truth? 
  • How are we perceiving the world and our current experiences or situations?
  • Which areas of our experience would benefit from detachment and observation?
  • How can we align any conflicting narratives within our perception?
  • How can we best channel our creativity during this time?
  • Are there any residual feelings of guilt and shame within the body ready to be released?

new moon playlist

To honour this Moon Cycle, I created a playlist on Spotify and Youtube which you can click below to access and experience. 

Spotify    YouTube

These songs have been curated with what I feel capture this Lunar energy and the effects of the planetary influences we may experience: covering the themes we may be contemplating and considering. 

If you can listen via Spotify, I highly recommend it as I couldn’t find the Whale track on YouTube which is really, really quite magical.

From a Sound Healing perspective: I focused on a mellow, reflective and introspective sound so we may connect with our inner selves amped up by the Neptunian influences playing out. 

Since Cancer is a water sign, it felt really fitting to have an aquatic undertone which kicks of the playlist via Bassaco’s ‘Aerial Falls’, followed by John Martyn’s ‘Dreams By The Sea’ and ‘Beautiful Whales’ which is, literally, some beautiful sounding Whales. 

As the Moon rules the ‘feminine’, darkness and fertility – I wanted this playlist to feature an abundance of strong, sultry songstresses such as Aldous Harding, Lana Del Rey, Angel Olsen and Laura Marling. 

This playlist has an overall indie flair with injections of elemental and ambient instrumentals – especially with the water themes and the beautiful birdsongs featured in Cosmo Sheldrake’s ‘Skylark’. 

The playlist concludes with Beautiful Chorus’ ‘Infinite Universe’ which has heavenly harmonies, boomy beats and wonderful textures which really conjures this Lunar energy and additional Neptunian dynamics at play.  

Overall, it is relatively downtempo which entrains our brain to a calmer, alpha state of consciousness which is excellent for relaxing and attuning to ourselves and feelings. Combined with some some box breath work, a dark room, candlelight and incense – you may even get a full on theta experience which will really transcend you to the lucid realms of our subconscious experience. 

A box breath is considered to be a 4-4-4 pattern: inhaling through the nose for 4 counts, holding for 4 and exhaling out the mouth for 4.

Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Repeat.

I’d recommend spending some time listening to this playlist, moving into an introspective experience and noticing any thoughts, feelings or patterns that arise. You might also like to answer some of the journal prompt questions alongside this selection of sonic sorcery. 

I’d love to know your thoughts and feels on this playlist, so do feel free to hit me up for a musical/emotive discussion via Instagram.

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