The Universal Month of July 2021 in Numerology corresponds to the number 3.

2 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 7 = 12/3

The Universal Month of 3 can show us what themes and/or traits to embody over the course of this month and things to watch out for to better curb + cast light on the shadows of this collective energy. 

What does the vibration of 3 mean?

The number 3 holds the vibration of optimism, inspiration and creativity – representing the growth, expansion and enthusiasm following the initial spark of one, followed by the union of two which synthesises into the creation energy of vibration 3. 

Other traits and characteristics of this number include communication, intuition, sociability, intelligence, kindness, demonstrating love through creativity and of course, the power of manifestation. 

The vibration of 3 also possesses psychic abilities, lateral thinking and the pursuit of freedom + adventure.

The message of 3 is about concentrating and honing the creative, divine spark that resides within us so we may better facilitate ourselves and others – manifesting our dreams and desires with consciousness and compassion. It is of the upmost importance to tend to the growing faith within oneself and simultaneously encouraging faith in others – leading by example through individual expression, creativity or the performing arts.

The vibration of 3 also represents the trinities and realms of experience: 


mind- body – soul                 

past – present – future              

thought – word – action



The shadow of the vibration 3 can manifest as indifference, stagnation, a lack of focus or concentration, significant peaks/spurts or the rise and fall of either our mood, motivation or the task/mission at hand. 

This energy has a tendency to be scattered when imbalanced, so the solution resides in the ability to focus, concentrate and harmonise our emotions through an emotive medium to improve our ability to express ourselves. 

As the energy of 3 rules communication and connection, there is a necessary focus which needs to be placed within the mental sphere in order to actualise and execute the energy efficiently. It requires conscious effort, bravery and courage when approaching any endeavours. 

Three energy corresponds to the planetary bodies Mars and Jupiter, the colour yellow and The Empress tarot card.

The vibration of this Universal Month 3 highlights and indicates how we can adopt these traits into our everyday lives, in our interactions and for the highest good of ourselves and others.

By gifting ourselves the time, presence and energy to our thoughts, deeds and actions – the month of July is an excellent time to pursue self-care, self-expression and connecting to our intuitive gifts. 

Especially with the upcoming New Moon in Cancer on the 9th/10th of July before heading into Leo Season at the end of the month which is the sign of creative expression and connecting with others through self-expression and courageous compassion

Now, for the Melodic Incantation context

‘Melodic Incantation’ is the term I’ve coined for this body of work which is a sonic spell: using affirmations of the Numerological themes presented as lyrics.

I like to craft and curate to the energies that are collectively present, choosing specific sounds, keys, protocols and techniques to induce a deep state of presence, flow and becoming attuned to the parts of ourselves which could benefit from some contemplation, care and consideration.

For the month of July, I used: my voice, my body (literallly), the bass and electric guitar, the keyboard as well as a little rain stick to express the sounds and intentions behind the Universal Month of 3 into a sonic medium.

I chose the key of B major to set the tonal foundation of this Melodic Incantation. 

The key of B correlates to the crown energetic centre – which I’ve used to represent connecting with our higher self, the creative realms or the divine. 

I feel that the themes of the Universal Month 3 resonate well with some of the healing properties of B major.

Some of the healing properties of B major when used as a triad include trust, inspiration and expressing ideas into form. 

To experiment and embody the creative energies of the vibration 3, I did a total DIY approach especially when it comes to the rhythm section as this really resonates with the vibration 3 energy.

I explored this by using some high heel platform shoes for a stomping percussion as well as slapping hands-on-thighs clapping rhythm to carry and entrain the duration of this track. 

The vocal toning consists of the vowel sounds which correlate to the root, heart and throat energetic centres which is reflected and activated using the ‘UHH’, ‘AHH’,  and ‘AYE’ sounds. 

The intention of these vocal toning vowel sounds is to charge and nourish these centres so we may feel more energised & fulfilled with the feelings of self-expression, inspiration and curiosity. I also chose to use my body and random items like platform high heel shoes to bring an accessible and innovative quality.

The ‘AYE’ vocal toning vowel sounds are used for the notes of the B major triad to give a human and ethereal quality that is interspersed throughout the track.

I also focused on the overall intervals between my chord progression choice which is a ii-v-i-iv in the key of B major – which leaves us with a 3rd, and 4th.

 (ii – v = 3, v – i = 4, i – iv = 3)

In Sound Healing, a third interval is considered to have a releasing quality whereas a 4th interval is both harmonising and heart centred which I felt really reflected and represented my intentions of this Melodic Incantation. 

The intention is further explained via the affirmation based lyrics which you’ll find below – but in a harmonic interval sense – I wanted the chord progressions to release and shed any self-doubt and self-disbelief to then progress to the more heart-centred 4th and unifying and inspirational harmonic 5th. 

For best results, use headphones or an external speaker as my mixing skills have not yet mastered capturing the best sound via cellular device speakers. 

– vocal toning-



I demonstrate all my desire

Kindle the flames of friendly fires

I lead with passion and with truth

Mind, body, soul enlive infused


– vocal toning – 


My freedom comes from deep inside

Through joy and strength fortified

Use inspiration as my guide

Exuberate the stars in eyes 


– vocal toning –


I concentrate for peace of mind

Cast all inertia to the side

I behold all that I require

With self-belief I can inspire


– vocal toning-


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