We’ll be experiencing the Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn @ 3 degrees on the 24th of June 2021.

After the intensity of Eclipse season and the simultaneous, multiple retrograde energy, this Full Moon invites us to release, re-structure and restore moving forward.

Thinking about any ideas, dreams and intentions set in January for the New Moon in Capricorn – in what ways have they transpired – if at all? 

This full lunar illumination reveals the invisible ink exposed by the ultraviolet of our minds eye.

This occurs through the conscious application of diligence, resilience and rehaul. 

what is the cosmic influence play by play?

After some of the intensity, frustration, tension and stark changes – the energy we will be experiencing is mainly a tidy-up, aftermath process of re-organisation. 

Imagine Marie Kondo rocking up to your consciousness and asking you to categorise, pull everything out to either release or re-organise into insanely meticulous and aesthetically pleasing ways – to then send it off with gratitude. 

If you don’t know Marie Kondo – she is the author of ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ and created the KonMari method I outlined above. She even had a show on Netflix, so if you’re bored and need motivational inspiration, definitely check it out. 

The sextile aspect this Full Moon has in relation to Neptune in Pisces which will provide the flints of hope from the frictions of frustrations especially with the Saturn square Uranus transit I’ve previously discussed. Since we just experienced the second exact transit only just over a week ago – this is where a lot of the restructuring, reassembling and resuscitation will be applied to whatever area of our lives this may have affected. 

Neptune in Pisces creates a channel to this Full Moon, softly singing Crowded House ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ when we may be feeling funked, flat and defeated from processing what changes, disappointments of frustrations that have transpired.  

Especially considering that the Moon is in detriment in the sign of Capricorn – where the spectrum of emotions and the nuance is not easily expressed – this expression of energy relies on creating control through organisation, categorisation and strategy. 

Capricorn energy is diligent, conscientious and is perseverant in structuring, re-structuring and strategising.  

Neptune in Pisces adds a softness to the calculative Capricorn expression which can aid in channelling the compassion for ourselves and for others.

Venus trine Neptune in the water signs of Cancer and Pisces will be supporting the nurturing and nourishing qualities which would be wise to channel – especially with some of the tension that the T-Square between Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Leo may bring. 

This tension between Saturn, Uranus and Mars may feel like we are at odds with our efforts as the friction, delays and frustrations from Saturn and Uranus will be conflicting against the efforts of Mars in Leo which wants to be expressed in a bold, theatric and centre-stage manner. This is heightened by the opposition between Saturn retrograde and Mars. 

We may feel the tension and disconnect between creating impulsive, bold action of Mars versus the collective restructuring of Saturn Retrograde – heightening the odds with the opposition between Venus and Pluto retrograde. 

The remedy is revealed within the clarity that Saturn retrograde trine Mercury (now stationed direct) which shows the silt of the mind’s river bed settling. This allows us to take methodical action: doing things for the long term benefit versus the instant gratification or self-soothing that only benefits us temporarily and in the short-term.

Jupiter is retrograde in the sign of Pisces before moving back into Aquarius which is where we will want to expand our inner realms, our inspiration and our sense of spirituality in whatever ways that means to us individually. 

It would be wise to make the most of this Piscean energy, to not lose faith in the process of restructuring, but rather allow it to permeate into the process of re-organisation. It is not binary or mutually exclusive – but harnessing the ways in which we can create inner and outer space for new methods and processes to proceed.

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oracle insight

  • What lessons or themes have arisen over this Eclipse season?
  • How can we cultivate compassion towards ourselves and others moving forward?
  • What situations or perspectives can we apply non-judgment: free from the subjectivity of our previous experience?
  • What themes or patterns have run its course to release at this time?
  • In what ways can we surrender to the process to invite transition to occur with softness and with grace?
  • In which areas or situations do we need to communicate our needs, boundaries or desires?
  • What is the default method of communication – is it passive or direct?
  • How can we improve communicating our needs, emotions and values?
  • What makes us feel connected to ourselves and the collective?








  • In what ways can we recognise our sense of connection towards ourselves, community and to Earth? 
  • In what ways can we strengthen our relationship towards ourselves, community and to Mother Nature?
  • How can we embrace and integrate each aspect of ourselves in order to create balance? 
  • What lessons or messages lay within any negative perceptions we hold?
  • Which areas require loving care in order to create a more balanced perspective?
  • Which areas of our lives require the additional lens of discernment?
  • To what extend do we trust our own perception? Is it easily swayed by others?
  • How can we cultivate both compassion and detachment when addressing conflict or changes?

full moon playlist

To honour this Moon Cycle, I created a playlist on Spotify and Youtube which you can click below to access and experience. 

Spotify     YouTube

These songs have been curated with what I feel capture this Lunar energy and the effects of the planetary influences we may experience, covering the themes we may be contemplating and considering. 

From a Sound Healing perspective, I kicked off the beginning of this playlist with Amber Mark’s ‘Journey Into The Unknown’ which features beautiful, heartfelt vocal toning of the ‘AH’ vowel sound which corresponds to our heart centre. This is a really beautiful mix of vocal toning, nature sounds and a monologue – inviting us to dive into ourselves, our emotions and our inner constructs. 

I wanted this playlist to serve as a sonic journey – sympathetically resonating with any subdued energies, sadness and raw emotion to be processed and entrained especially with the iconic bass line in The Cure’s ‘A Forest’.

The lyrical content especially with Julie London, Spiritualized and Peia’s tracks really captured my interpretation of this Lunar energy. 

The playlist progresses from the downtempo, ambient and softness moving into the ‘The Alchemist Manifesto’ by Ocote Soul Sounds which is a wonderful infusion of Latin/Jazz/Soul/Afrobeat which is the pivot of the playlist: regaining the sense of rhythm after the more flowing, ethereal and emotional tracks which started the first half of this playlist. 

This is where the rhythm and percussion start to awaken us into finding the groove of building our solutions especially with the heavy riffs and percussion featured in ‘Every Time I Feel the Shift’ by T Bone Burnett. 

The inspiring and moving spoken word piece ‘If You Decide to Leave Someone’ by Miles Carter leads us into the more soulful concluding tracks of ‘Pain’ by De La Soul + Snoop Dogg and the gospel style of Missy Elliott’s ‘Higher Ground’ featuring Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell, Dorinda Clark, Karen Clark-Sheard & Mary Mary. 

I’d love to know your thoughts and feels on this playlist, so hit me up for a musical/emotive discussion via Instagram if you’d like to have a chat.

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