We’ll be experiencing the Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini @ 19 degrees on the 10th of June 2021. 

This Eclipse will bring about significant changes and a journey through the fogs and facades to align us with our destinies and into the direction of our life purpose.

There is a cosmic sieve, shift and shake up in the works with some of the more challenging elements that this current cosmic configuration will activate – so any messages whether that is intuitively, literally and synchronistically will play a huge role during this time and well into the next six months until the Full Moon in Gemini this December.

An Annular Eclipse is when the Sun’s outer edges are still visible, creating a halo around the Moon which can be interpreted as the birth of something new, activated yet for the most part still hidden – or eclipsed – until further notice. Think of it as the ultrasound of what is yet to be birthed.

What is the cosmic influence play by play?



What gives this particular New Moon a flavour of karma and destiny is the conjunction of Mercury as well as the North Node sandwiching the Sun and the Moon at the time of the Eclipse all taking place in the sign of Gemini.

Gemini rules polarities, duality, information, communication & the accumulation of facts + dainty details which influences our mental processes. 

As we will also be experiencing a square between this concentration of celestial bodies with Neptune in Pisces it can cause its fair share of confusion and straight up bizarre dynamics to potentially transpire. Especially with Mercury in Retrograde, we may experience this particularly around communications + sources of information. 

Information can be hidden, withheld, embellished, fabricated or suddenly announced abruptly – creating sharp twists in direction, dynamics and situations. 

Any changes in circumstance, however, act as a catalyst towards our destiny and life purpose supported by the North Node conjunction: governing the more karmic, evolutionary and exponentially significant themes in our lives where it will unfold and be revealed to us as the dust begins to settle.

With Mars in opposition to Pluto currently in Retrograde, we’ll be feeling the brute force of this aspect – the tensions between taking fast action and creating the significant transformative changes required to build the foundations of our experience. 

Playing ‘fast and hard’ is not the solution at this time – any corners attempted to be cut will inevitably slice us with a paper cut. 

With Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces, hope is far from lost as this transit supports honouring our inner magic, our intuition and transmuting the messages channelled from the celestial smoke and mirrors. 

Pluto, Saturn and Mercury in Retrograde encourages the energy of deep reflection, restructuring and review – leaving room for the opportunities for us to enact this change to arise + synchronise when the illusory, deceptive fogs has passed.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will be supporting any re-structural changes we require as it is making a harmonious trine with this Annular Eclipse. Although we have this supportive energy for a short time, we will be undergoing the second exact square between Saturn and Uranus which brings about epic frustrations, chaos, delays and defying the status quo collectively and personally. The first exact square took place in mid-February this year and we will be experiencing another exact transit later in the year. This energy has definitely been an undercurrent throughout this year but for the second act, Saturn square Uranus shines yet again to take centre stage. 

The remedy is within surrendering.


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oracle insight

  • In which mediums can we channel our inner magic at this time?
  • What activities can we pursue and dedicate to in order to connect with our personal magic?
  • How can we hone and harness our receptive and nurturing nature?
  • When met with limitation, what activities can we pursue to calm the storms of frustration?
  • What does love mean to us individually?
  • How can we harness the love for ourselves and for one another? 


divine feminine

universal love




  • In what ways can we encourage creativity + joy in trying times?
  • Reflecting on any messages or fleeting feelings, what are the seeds of suggestion asking to be sewn?
  • What is our current perception of reality?
  • Playing devils advocate, in what ways can we expand our perception when presented with changes of circumstance?
  • How can we best integrate our inner and outer realms of experience?
  • How can we best unify the dualities and polarities presented in our experience?

Above is the static video for the June 2021 Melodic Incantation which is very aligned with some of the themes and messages presented by this Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini.

Melodic Incantations are created with the energies and themes in mind and serve as a sonic tonic to reset, contemplate or consider. 

You can read more about the Numerological and Sound Healing context in the link below:

june melodic incantation

For June 2021 vibration 2 , I chose the key of E major to set the tone of this Melodic Incantation. 

It features predominantly vocals, vocal toning, 128hz tuning fork, crystal singing bowl in E, the electric guitar divided into a rhythm finger pick + accompanying melody as well as a South African Choir patch – finishing off with a grounding rainstick sound at the very end.  

The key of E correlates to the solar plexus – our centre of personal power and the central, core centre of self. 

I’ve incorporated an E major triad using the choir patch (+ an octave) to weave throughout and set the foundation of this Melodic Incantation. 

Some of the healing properties of E major when used as a triad include grounding and balancing body + mind, our spine and nerve fibres & benefits our heart and blood circulation. 


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Wishing you the strength to strive for equilibrium for the month of June.

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