The Universal Month of June 2021 in Numerology corresponds to the number 2. 

2 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 6 = 11/2

 The Universal Month of 2 can show us what themes and/or traits to embody over the course of this month and can prompt us on things to look out for. These themes can be inspiration to better curb + cast light on any shadows of this energy. 

what does the vibration of 2 mean?

The number two represents polarity, balance, harmony and diplomacy.

Other traits and characteristics of this number include receptivity, exchange, co-operation, sensitivity, intuition and peace-making.

The number two is the unification and principle of merging – acknowledging and embracing the halves to create the whole. 

It is a caring, loving and nurturing energy that has an incredible attention to detail – as each factor can determine which direction the scale may tip. This vibration rules collaboration, partnerships and relates to our life mission.

The shadow of the number two embodies characteristics of indecision, insensitivity, dependency, a lack of consideration or hesitation. 

Other traits include fears of being alone, the unknown which can manifest as stubborn inflexibility or inability to take responsibility.  

It relates to both The Moon + The High Priestess Tarot Card and the colours of orange and blue. It is considered an extroverted yin energy – relating astrologically to the sign of Cancer. Cancer season begins towards the end of June, which is wonderfully fitting after the duality of Gemini season. 

These cards govern our emotions, sensitivities and the subconscious realms which is the driving force of this vibration. 

Our sensitivities and consideration can often be perceived as a weakness by others – yet the vibration of two encourages us to honour this – as without a firm sense of self and sense of authenticity, this vibration manifests as dependency, people-pleasing and a road to anything but internal peace. 

The vibration of two brings our attention towards our life purpose, our authenticity and inner-strength so it may provide the foundation to carry out the considerate, collaborative and diplomatic traits in an energetically healthy + balanced fashion.

There is an aura of calm and collection with the vibration of two generally – a sense of wholeness and completion through consideration and care. 

This vibration is incredibly observational and analytical as a result of hyper-consideration and co-operation – seeking the middle ground. 

It is through this process of peacemaking, the healing of wounds can take place around pride and self-doubt. 

By harnessing our sensitivities and developing the relationship to our intuition – we can bring about a potent, loving energy: creating a conscious consensus with the polarities we experience. 


Now, for the Melodic Incantation context

A Melodic Incantation is my term for a sonic spell: creating affirmations of the themes presented as lyrics.

I like to craft and curate to the energies that are collectively present, choosing specific sounds, keys, protocols and techniques to induce a state of awareness and flow: encouraging us to become attuned to the parts of ourselves which could benefit from contemplation, care and consideration.

For June 2021 vibration 2 , I chose the key of E major to set the tone of this Melodic Incantation. 

It features predominantly vocals, vocal toning, 128hz tuning fork, crystal singing bowl in E, the electric guitar divided into a rhythm finger pick + accompanying melody as well as a South African Choir patch – finishing off with a grounding rainstick sound at the very end.  

The key of E correlates to the solar plexus – our centre of personal power and the central, core centre of self. 

I’ve incorporated an E major triad using the choir patch (+ an octave) to weave throughout and set the foundation of this Melodic Incantation. 

Some of the healing properties of E major when used as a triad include grounding and balancing body + mind, our spine and nerve fibres & benefits our heart and blood circulation. 

Underneath the melodies and vocal toning, I added a protocol for Life Direction by John Beaulieu using a 128hz OTTO fork which you can hear at the very beginning accompanied by toning of my voice to create the other intervals. 

The vocal toning consists of the vowel sounds which correlate to the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart energetic centres. 

This can be heard as the ‘UHH’, ‘OOH’, ‘OH’ and ‘AHH’ sounds that makes up the body and texture of this track. It is intended to nourish and charge these centres, drawing our attention to our foundations, creativity, personal power and values that the vibration of 2 can bring to our attention.

I also applied a i-v-vi-iv chord progression on the electric guitar which has a harmonious and nourishing quality especially with the 4th and 5th intervals where there is a middle break of release from the vi interval or C# minor chord which has the properties of lifting spirit, visions and inspiration.

– vocal toning-



I am darkness, I am light

The rise of day followed by fall of night

I am balanced, I’m refined

I am both polarities combined


– vocal toning – 


I tend to details that I find

I honour all of my subconscious mind

& when I find I’m misaligned

I offer all my fears to the divine


– vocal toning – 


I take action to decide

Sensitivity’s my holy guide

I’m leaving callousness behind

The bridge the gap between the great divide


– vocal toning – 


I am darkness, I am light

The rise of day followed by fall of night

I am balanced, I’m refined

I am both polarities combined   


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