We’ll be experiencing the Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius @ 5 degrees on the 26th of May 2021.

This is also known as the ‘Blossom’ Moon which will be blooming and brimming with big changes. 

Astrologically, Eclipses are particularly significant as they have a karmic undercurrent related to lessons to learn, chapters to close and embracing the new opportunities that arise as a result.  

Sagittarius represents higher learning, wisdom, philosophy, beliefs and long-distance travel. This particular lunar illumination will be highlighting some of these themes for us collectively. This energy can present us with both internal + external events or expressions which draws our attention towards the longstanding beliefs we hold and whether or not they serve us individually and collectively. 

what is the cosmic influence play by play?

Not only will this this Lunar Eclipse be squaring off with Jupiter in Pisces, we’ll also be experiencing the Sun which recently entered Gemini squaring off with Jupiter, too. 

Squares are the 90 degree angle that creates tension, friction and fall out. I like to think of square aspects as a super sharpened, pointy pencil.  It is spiky with the potential to stab but working with the pencil or the square energy brings out softness from struggle – the layers of graphite which slip from friction, creating beautiful shades, depth and perspective that arise from applied pressure. 

The Sun in Gemini rules communication, the exchange of ideas, short-distance travel and looking at facts and details. 

Jupiter in Pisces brings about rapid expansion towards areas related to our beliefs, philosophies, spirituality, creativity and intuition.

Pisces also rules illusion, mysticism and the subconscious realms.

Both Sagittarius and Pisces are considered to be ‘at  home’ when it comes to Jupiter – so this square aspect can illuminate where we may be blocking our blessings related to subconscious, cultural and societal beliefs we may hold or areas in which we may be overambitious and overly-optimistic. 

This can be further questioned by Mercury conjunct Venus which is making a square to Neptune in Pisces. 

Mercury and Venus are conjunct in the sign of Gemini – which is the blend, merge and fusion of the expression of communication (Mercury) and values (Venus). 

With this square to Neptune in Pisces, we may feel a sense of blurred lines, smudged shades and bleeding outlines causing a sense of confusion, illusion and deception. 

Smooth and sweet talking with no real basis or grounding in ideas or values springs to mind with this energy. 

In order to navigate the potentials that this energy can bring, we’ll want to be clear in our intentions and discern the intentions of others when it comes to making decisions and creating changes. 

Mars will be trine Neptune which will be a supportive energy for reinvigorating our dreams and restoring our drive by tending and creating space for nurture and nourishment. 

The square off showdowns are softened by this harmonious trine aspect – encouraging us to release and shed that which is unsupportive through radical self-care relating to our subconscious structures.

retrograde ready

Retrogrades are the time for review, revisitation, re-assessment and rest. 

We won’t be short of retrogrades for this particular Eclipse season as we currently have Saturn and Pluto retrograde which will be joined by Mercury around the 29th of May. 

With Saturn and Pluto in retrograde, we’ll be invited to evaluate our structures, foundations and excavate the emotional and psychological aspects of our lives. 

Pluto governs our personal, psychological and personal power so we may be faced with themes in which we will be required to transmute and transform any struggles we’ve faced in our past, deeply embedded within the psyche. 

Combined with Saturn, we’ll be experiencing an overhaul and rebirth towards responsibilities, karma, structure and limitations on a collective and individual level. 

Both Pluto and Saturn will be making a trine aspect with the Sun which can support us in applying discipline towards new ideas, innovation and dedication towards personal growth. It can be seen as an initiation and invitation towards new perspectives away from ingrained ideals. 

However, the shadow of this energy can also manifest as being hard on ourselves, stubborn or manipulative – overworking and achieving our desires at any cost.

Like the shiny object that captures the attention of the magpies of our monkey minds.

One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure but something we should bear in mind would be the true cost of an external treasure hunt.

True treasures lay inside our chest – the matters of the heart and in the remembrance of who we are.

Be weary of what and who we unlock our hearts to and whether or not it aligns with our true values and nature rather than subscribing to any subconscious or societal scripts/expectations which no longer resonate with the conscious mind.

With Neptune sextile Pluto, this energy will be supportive of the transformation and growth on the individual and collective scale – creating space for intuitive insight and peace of psyche. 

Saturn, in retrograde, is still making a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus which we’ll be experiencing throughout the year – the reminder for us to be gentle, flexible and patient when it comes to unexpected stunts or stagnation. 

Saturn’s retrograde invites us to review our structures, limitations and frustrations we may have experienced from this transit – where we can adopt flexibility and create personal freedoms from any limitations + karmic inclinations to lead us to our own personal innovation.

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oracle insight

  • Which areas of our lives require healing?
  • What activities can we commit to for self-healing?
  • Bringing awareness to our ‘inner child’: what messages do we have for ourselves? 
  • How can we embrace attitudes of innocence and wonder into our lives?
  • What aspects of the self would we like to coax, express and emerge? 
  • What aspects of ourselves or limiting beliefs can we leave behind in order to make space for the process of emergence?
  • Notice the feelings and initial reaction to change – is it from a sense of scarcity and fear or welcoming uncertainty?
  • Taking a deep breath and closing our eyes, what feelings or messages arise from our intuition?



third eye




  • What activities can we incorporate daily in order to honour our intuition?
  • Recall a time or place that felt magical. In what ways can we channel our magic into the everyday?
  • What has been playing or weighing on our minds?
  • What has been playing or weighing on our hearts?
  • In what ways can we bridge the gap between heart and mind?
  • How are we currently perceiving our expression of reality?
  • How would we like to perceive the expression of reality?
  • How can we welcome shifts of perception in order to embrace change?

total lunar eclipse playlist

To honour this Total Lunar Eclipse, I created a playlist on Spotify and Youtube which you can click below to access and experience. 

Spotify    YouTube

These songs have been curated with what I feel capture this Eclipse energy and essence of the planetary influences we may experience, covering the themes we may be contemplating. 

With a featuring and focus on Jazz, World music (really harnessing that Sagittarian energy) and creating a journey of intense and provocative percussion leading into a more ambient and soul searching meditative tracks before surfacing back with ‘Surrender Rose’ by Don Cherry. 

From a Sound Healing perspective, I focused on percussion for releasing stagnation, limitation and shaking any outdated beliefs we may hold about ourselves or the world. 

I love the entrainment and brass section of Tito Puente’s ‘Oye Como Va’ followed by Roy Haynes ‘Full Moon’.

I encourage an open ear, open heart and open mind when listening to this curation – breathing through and bringing awareness to how the music makes us feel – whether there is a sense of liberation or limitation or hesitation – honour the feelings that arise and listen to the messages that arise as a result.

‘Oh Nami’ by KyoShinDo is a powerful and moving Taiko Drum piece which opens the floor and doors to ‘Habibi’ by Orange Blossom. 

The progressive, innovative blend of traditional, electronic and ethnic music captures the Retrograde energy for me personally. 

After the build-up and sheer epic track of ‘Habibi’ the tone changes to a rendition of Philip Glass’ ‘Orphee’s Bedroom’ by Sergio Sorrentino before moving into the more trance, ambient and meditative tracks featuring Gamelan, Jazz, emotive ambient Piano and Koshi chimes. 

This playlist is a real journey, I’d love to know your thoughts and feels so don’t hesitate to hit me up for a musical/emotive discussion via Instagram if you’d like to chat.

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