The Universal Month of May 2021 in Numerology corresponds to the number 1.

2 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 5 = 10/1


The Universal Month of 1 can show us what themes and/or traits to embody over the course of this month and things to watch out for to better curb + cast light on the shadows of this energy. 

What does the vibration of 1 mean?


The number 1 is said to hold the vibration of beginnings, independence, creation, ambition and drive. 

Other traits and characteristics of this number include assertion, self-reliance and tenacity.

This is a pioneering energy – the first – which acts through instinct, inspiration, initiative and intuition.

The number one corresponds with The Magician tarot card which represents the ability to manifest and co-create our realities by conspiring with the divine via our thoughts, beliefs and actions. 

The lesson of the one energy covers harnessing the power of self, our trust in creation, our actions and the power of our word as this all lead us to new terrains. 

This is an energy of new beginnings, new opportunities and being open to new ways of being.

To trust in our originality, our inherent gifts and our instincts in order to thrive and lead a fulfilled life.

The vibration of the Universal Month of 1 highlights adopting these traits into our everyday lives and interactions for the highest good of ourselves and for others. 


 speaking into existence

As this is a creation energy, it is filled with responsibility – personal responsibility for our behaviour and remembering the significance and impact of the power of one. 

The shadow of the number one embodies characteristics of a single or narrow mind, arrogance, inconsideration and intolerance. 

The one energy can also show up as lacking emotion or compassion and adopting a controlling vibe – when one becomes self-oriented without awareness of the world or humanity at large. 

It is the energy of becoming consumed by one’s own power, own thoughts, visions or agenda without the regard of the greater sphere which is just plain selfish when expressed in this manner. 

It is important to own our power, to step into our leadership and create the safety within ourselves as this in itself curbs the shadow of one energy. 

It is also important to consider our true intentions at this time when experiencing this energy. 

An astrological side note: the month of May has a lot of Gemini activity which also rules communication, mental energy, intellect and corresponds with The Magician tarot card, again!  

The month ahead will be a karmic time as the north node oversees karmic themes and is currently in the sign of Gemini. 

This is an energy of gathering the facts, accumulating data and being detail oriented. 

Mercury and Venus will be making an exact conjunction which can activate analysing the ways we think, communicate and what our values are. 

These exact transits occur every 18 years and can have an effect anywhere between two weeks to two months. 

With this little additional tidbit in tow – it really drums in the themes of new beginnings, new experiences, new lessons and especially being aware of the new endeavours harnessing the shadow energy appropriately.

for the Melodic Incantation context

A Melodic Incantation is my term for a sonic spell: using affirmations for the themes presented as lyrics.

I like to craft and curate to the energies that are collectively present, choosing specific sounds, keys, protocols and techniques to induce a deep state of relaxation, flow and becoming attuned to the parts of ourselves which could benefit from some contemplation, care and consideration.

For May 2021 vibration 1, I chose the key of G major to set the tone of this Melodic Incantation. 

This Melodic Incantation features vocals, electric + bass guitar, piano, crystal singing bowl and good ol’ Logic drummer preset to accompany my instruments and carry the rhythm. 

The key of G correlates to the throat energetic centre which represents communication. 

I chose this key to enhance our ability to express our needs, ourselves and our desires.

I used a G and D major triad with the piano which is interspersed throughout the piece. 

The benefits of G major when used as a triad include blood pressure regulation, sleep, creativity, expressing feelings, inspiration, dreams and fantasies. 

The benefits of D major when used as a triad include regulating the nervous system,  integrating the brain hemispheres, clarity of consciousness and feeling strong. It also corresponds to the throat and inner ear hearing. 

The crystal singing bowl is in the note of G throughout, used as a unison interval especially in the vocal toning sections to amp up the properties of G or to be a ‘G’.

The guitar arrangement features the bass guitar which is almost but not quite mirrored and echoed with the electric guitar. 

I used an octave difference between the intro/outro vs the main body of the Melodic Incantation in the guitar section. 

The therapeutic benefits of an octave include creating a sense of openness, space and freedom for expression. 

The vocal toning consists of the vowel sounds for the root, heart and throat energetic centres which can be heard as the ‘UH’, ‘AHH’ and ‘EYE’ tones.

The intention of these vocal toning vowel sounds is to nurture and nourish these energetic areas to encourage us to balance, open and tend to our root of self, our hearts desire and speaking our truth.

The slow tempo along with the major key has a gentle encouraging quality to it which I felt reflected the intention behind this Melodic Incantation.

– vocal toning-

I vow to step up to the plate

Draw from the well of inner strength

Do what it takes to calibrate

No longer bound by past mistakes

– vocal toning –


I think therefore I must create

Allow my dreams to percolate

I’m breaking free from self-constraint oh yes 

I’m unafraid to initiate

I stand up straight, I stand up tall

To rise above despite it all

I abide by natural law

Take life with a grain of salt

– vocal toning-

I think therefore i must create

Allow my dreams to percolate

I’m breaking free from self-constraint oh yes 

I’m unafraid to initiate

I vow to step up to the plate

Draw from the well of inner strength

Do what it takes to calibrate

No longer bound by past mistakes

 – vocal toning –

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