We’ll be experiencing the Super Moon in the sign of Scorpio @ 7 degrees on the 26th/27th of April depending on where you are in the world.

This is an excellent time for transformation, transmutation and change.

Like the caterpillar cocooned – we can expect this process to be filled with personal alchemy, friction and tension ultimately creating the change in our best interest.

The process is rarely pretty but the end results are filled with beauty – it is How and what we define this beauty as that is the true alchemical process.

We will be in the midst of a T-square showdown between the grand stellium in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius and of course, the Full Moon in Scorpio.

With the Taurus stellium featuring the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in a cosy conjunction – we’ll be at odds with the opposition of the Moon in Scorpio and the Saturn sandwich between the stellium and this Moon.


what is the cosmic influence play by play?

We can visualise this energy as a combination of the lunch room scene and the watering hole shopping mall scene from 2004’s modern cult classic ‘Mean Girls’.

The energy has the potential to be quite primal, catty and unconscious a LA Watering hole scene in tandem to the classic lunch room scene where Janis Ian gives Cady the full breakdown of the cliques and their designated tables.

The Taurus stellium in this represents ‘the plastics’ – where our collective and societal focus is concentrated and expressed.

 Taurus represents the physical, the material, the comforts and stubbornness we may have towards our comforts and doing what we can to not rock our current boat or trajectory.

This Full Moon is ‘the coolest people you’ll ever meet’ table – in opposition  – and has the agenda to reveal the shadows, shade and dirt of the plastics. 

This energy will be supported for us on a personal level as Pluto – the traditional ruler of Scorpio will be retrograde until October. 

Saturn is Cady’s journey throughout the movie  – the hard lessons and full spectrum of experience which bring the wisdom and life lessons that transcend far beyond high school and translate universally into the human experience. 

This Scorpio Full Moon will be revealing the shadows of our selves, of society and the structures which create the friction and triggers in our experience.

Saturn will be schooling us on the lessons we haven’t quite learned so whatever frustrations and limitations we are currently facing, listen to them without judgement. 

Although Saturn has a savage and strict reputation, it is that tough love approach that is ultimately in our best interest.

This tough love combined with the delays of Uranus in Taurus may feel like the flint of friction starting the emotional fires. It would be wise to channel and circumvent the challenges we feel into caring for ourselves at a core, fundamental level. 

This energy prompts us to acknowledge and recognise where we have been feeling depleted, hindered and triggered. 

Truly meditate and contemplate on this energy to be honest with ourselves so we may access our own solutions to create change. 

This is the time to face our limiting and restricting beliefs and programming, our attachments to societal, social or material expectations and ask ourselves – is this serving our highest good? Does this resonate with the person I am or working to become?

This is the time to critically discern the motives of ourselves, our situations and of others. 

This isn’t a nip/tuck superficial procedure. This is an inside re-structural job. 

Sit with this energy. 

Curiously ask ourselves the uncomfortable questions. 

Meditate on what makes us tick and take the time to incorporate the soul filling activities that keep us off the ledge.

we need to talk about uranus

Uranus will be in opposition to this Full Moon which can bring unexpected curveballs, shocking scenarios and potential for short circuiting.
We may be facing internal emotional storms in which our nervous systems may feel frayed, fried and just a bit f*cked from the struggles and frustrations we’ve faced.

*a sarcastic round of applause for Saturn square Uranus everyone, it will be with us all year*

Uranus is showing us the bullshit. through these obstacles and stagnation, this transit is showing us the detriments to our mindset and where we can bring more compassion towards ourselves on the internal ‘inside job’ level.

Pluto will be retrograde from April 27th until October 6th which will have us evaluating the foundations and fundamentals of our earthly existence – totally activated by this Full Moon transit.

This energy encourages us to excavate and discern the true motives of ourselves and others.

Taking into consideration what we have experienced on a personal and collective level, where are we called to create change?

Think of Pluto as the ghosts from ‘A Christmas Carol’ and we mere mortals are nothing but a Scrooge.

Pluto will be prompting us to review the past, the present, the consequences of our future all based on our actions, inactions, intuitions and our fears.

The next few months will be the time to discern and dissect critically – not half-heartedly – to create and cement the change we wish to embody and witness.

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oracle insight

What sparks delight during the day-to-day?

How can we create more space for delight?

How can we move beyond our comfort zones to discover new ways of perception?

What habits/traits/patterns are keeping us feeling frustrated, stuck or prohibit our growth?

In what ways can we centre ourselves to increase our levels of discernment?

what areas of our lives require critical thinking?

How can we better observe our thoughts and environment? 




third eye



When have we felt most attuned and in-tune to our intuition?

What images, thoughts or feelings come into our awareness to serve our highest good for ourselves + those around us?

Recall a time that felt magical and empowered – how can we channel and invoke that energy into our day to day moving forward?

Which area of our lives require transmuting and transforming?

What brings harmony to our heart and mind?

How can we bridge the needs and expressions of both heart and mind?

full moon playlist

To honour this Moon Cycle, I created a playlist on Spotify and Youtube which you can click below to access and experience. 



These songs have been curated with what I feel capture this Lunar energy and the effects of the planetary influences we may experience, covering the themes we may be contemplating and considering. 

From a sound perspective, I focused on the entrainment aspect of guitar riffs and percussion through the first half of the playlist as a vehicle for any frustration or raw feeling to be transported. 

Hozier’s ‘It Will Come Back’ is the perfect example of becoming aware of our true intentions: where we may be deceiving ourselves and others and is the prompt of shadow work with the Plutonian energy of this Full Moon and Pluto’s retrograde.  

The string arrangement and the percussion really captures this Full Moon vibe. 

‘Red Flags and Long Nights’ is also another perfect shadow work song, though my personal response to the lyric:

“you can occupy my every sigh, you can rent the space inside my mind, at least until the price becomes too high”

– the price is definitely too high at this point in time. 

Nas + The-Dream’s ‘Adam and Eve’ captures the flawed fall of man and lyrically resonates with these Full Moon themes. 

The de-tuned piano sample has that carnival and theatric feel which conjures up themes of human performance for entertainment and validation’s sake but at what cost?

This playlist is a journey and switches up at the emotional and raw ‘Lay Low (pollinate)’ by Roniit – this is a truly beautiful song with haunting and soul level harmonies bringing that deep introspection this energy can influence. 

To focus on some of the lighter parts of this Taurus energy, I changed tone and gears with Kehlani’s ‘Honey’ as this song to me is the definition of Venus in Taurus, followed by J Dilla’s ‘Won’t Do’ and finishing with Paul White, Iyamah + Remi’s ‘Smile (See the Light)’ which is a perfect summary of how to navigate these celestial currents. 

I’d love to know your thoughts and feels on this playlist, so hit me up for a musical/emotive discussion via Instagram if you’d like to chat.

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