We’ll be experiencing the New Moon in Aries @ 22 degrees over the 11th/12th April depending on where you are in the world.

This is a powerful New Moon as it is the first New Moon of the zodiac year sitting in the sign where the energy is exalted – meaning that it is supported,  favoured and incredibly potent.

Not only is it a favourable new beginning, the Aries energy is extremely high with a stellium consisting of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus + Chiron all interacting with this Aries energy which can manifest in many different areas of our lives. 

The Sun governs our ego/personality, the Moon governs our emotional processing, Mercury governs communication and thinking, Venus governs our values, relationships and pleasures and lastly Chiron which governs our deepest wounds. 

This energy will be at its peak in the early hours of the 12th April here in the UK, which will be most prevalent over the next two weeks but will be playing out until the Full Moon in Aries in October. 

This gives us a good six months to create and embark on the changes and new beginnings before seeing the fruition and harvest for October’s Full Moon in Aries.

What is the cosmic influence play by play?

The energy, to say the least, can be fiery, intense and supercharged so it would be wise to hone and channel this for the highest good of ourselves and mindful of others involved. 

Pluto in Capricorn will be making a square aspect-  a.k.a bringing tension – to this New Moon and to Venus which can create an even more extreme approach or outcome to the way things play or pan out. 

However, there is a strong and harmonious energy present as the Sun will be making a sextile aspect to both Mars and Jupiter. 

This is a supportive, encouraging and motivational energy towards manifesting, reviewing and exploring areas of our personality, habits and values.

This lunar and celestial energy will prompt us to evaluate our relationship towards boundaries with ourselves + with others.
It may also prompt us to look at the ways in which we assert ourselves and why.

With some of the square aspects such as Mars/Neptune or Pluto/Moon + Venus we may be experience elements of confusion, disruption, ambivalence, ambiguity or general resistance whether that manifests itself physically, mentally or emotionally. 

It would be wise to evaluate and brainstorm ways in which we can harness this energy to create and initiate the changes we wish to experience. 

If presented with triggers related to wounds we carry or previous experiences, this energy prompts us to compassionately explore the core of what arises. Allow the space for this to emerge and explore alternatives. This energy is positively supporting creating change.

This energy also emphasises our willpower, so where we choose to channel this will be very telling with the potential to be both promising and prosperous.

Pluto’s role in this particular act of this Universal play will be addressing themes of fixation, obsession and control and to what lengths we may try to make our dreams, desires and wishes a reality. 

To balance this energy, it is wise to incorporate a more Libran attitude which rules justice, diplomacy and adopts a mental, intentional approach towards making decisions. 

As long as we are clear about our intentions, our desires and our approaches towards creating these changes – we have the power to harness incredible and positive change. 

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oracle insight

What invokes the feeling of home within us?

What brings us back to the core of who we are?

What are some of the ways we connect to our pre-conditioned self?

What areas do we seek to create change?

What are the attitudes towards change? 

Are there any areas in which we feel resistant to change?

How can we alleviate any fixation to outcomes?

Explore three alternatives or possibilities as ways to create or facilitate change

cosmic flower



tantric journey

soul time

What ignites the passion within us?

In what ways can we harness + channel our passions to share with others?

In what ways can we engage our senses to ignite presence, passion and purpose?

When scanning over our bodies, what areas require more attention, consideration and care?

What would we consider to resonate on a soul level?

In what ways can we embrace our timeless, limitless and infinite nature?

April melodic incantation

Above is the static video for the April 2021 Melodic Incantation which is very aligned with some of the themes and messages presented by this New Moon in Aries.

Melodic Incantations are created with the energies and themes in mind and serve as a sonic tonic to reset, contemplate or consider. 

You can read more about the Numerological and Sound Healing context in the link below:

april melodic incantation

My practice towards mindful listening and sound awareness includes creating the physical + mental space to receive, using headphones and blocking out some time to fully process and transmute whatever may come up for me.

An example would be candles and incense burning, sunshine when applicable or dim ambient light in the evenings. 

I also like to include journalling or making notes on my phone that I can reference back to when synchronicities arise.

If you’d like to share your experiences with me related to this Melodic Incantation, I’d be honoured to receive your feedback, feelings and general tone towards your experience with a sound awareness practice. 

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Wishing you a compassionate April ahead.

If you feel called to connect or share, i would be honoured and encourage you to do so!

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