The Universal Month of April 2021 in Numerology corresponds to the number 9.

2 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 4 = 9

The Universal Month of 9 can show us what themes and/or traits to embody over the course of this month and things to watch out for to better curb + cast light on the shadows of this energy. 

What does the vibration of 9 mean?

The number 9 is said to hold the vibration of universal love, faith, humanitarianism, spirituality and rules inner + worldly wisdom. 

Other traits and characteristics of this number include personal responsibility, boundaries, compassion + a higher perspective and understanding. 

There is a benevolent, altruistic tone to this number and resonates with the Universal law.

Since the number 9 is a triple 3 – it represents the full spectrum of the trinities or realms of experience: 

past – present – future

subconscious – conscious – superconscious 

It is the last of the single digits and represents the combination or accumulation of the numerological traits to apply and put into practice.

It is the number of forgiveness and the lessons of this vibration revolve around selflessness and compassion. 

There is an inherent understanding, sense of mission and vision with this number, weighted by an awareness of karmic consequence and reminds us to step into a leadership role to account for our own selves so we may be able to be of service to others.

Since there is such a philanthropic nature to this number, it is important that we speak up, set boundaries and advocate for ourselves when we may also be in need of help, love or support. 

The shadow of the number nine embodies characteristics of lethargy, disconnection and an inability to concentrate or focus. 

The number nine also corresponds to the colour gold and rules over the nine planets or rather the main celestial bodies in our solar system.

The vibration of the Universal Month of 9 highlights adopting these traits into our everyday lives and interactions for the highest good of ourselves and for others. 

for the Melodic Incantation context

A Melodic Incantation is my term for a sonic spell: using affirmations for the themes presented as lyrics.

I like to craft and curate to the energies that are collectively present, choosing specific sounds, keys, protocols and techniques to induce a deep state of relaxation, flow and becoming attuned to the parts of ourselves which could benefit from some contemplation, care and consideration.

For April 2021 vibration 9, I chose the key of B flat minor to set the tone of this Melodic Incantation. 

The key of B correlates to the crown energetic centre – which I used to represent connecting with our higher self or the divine. 

I used a slow tempo and ambient sound to entrain the message and properties that B flat minor can offer. 

I felt that the themes of Universal Month 9 resonates well with some of the healing properties of B flat minor.

Some of the healing properties of B flat minor include slowing down when we feel like there isn’t enough time or if we are swept up in a rush. 

It also activates the inner strength for spiritual awakening which aligns with not only the Numerological themes but with Aries season which is the beginning of the new Zodiac year – the cycle of re-awakening and renewal with the New Moon in Aries around the 11th/12th of April this year. 

The vocal toning consists of the vowel sounds which correlate to the seven main energetic centres from the root to crown which is reflected and activated using the ‘UHH’, ‘OOH’, ‘AHH’ and ‘EEE’ sounds. 

The intention of these vocal toning vowel sounds is to charge and nourish these centres so we may feel more energised & fulfilled with the feelings of self-empowerment, responsibility and compassion. 

I performed a stripped version of this Melodic Incantation for April’s Sound Bath Sunday which was very intimate and will be posting some highlights over on Instagram eventually. 

The minor key has a nurturing, lullaby-esque and gentle quality which – after feeling some of the intensity and stagnation of this year thus far – feels consoling and comforting. 

That sublime, unseen and ethereal feeling that we experience in some of our most private, low or lonely moments not often shared which has this greater or beyond feeling that re-lights the flame of hope, self-compassion and strength to keep living. 

– vocal toning-


I’ll rise from the ashes 

sweeter than burnt molasses

to lead with compassion

invoke a chain reaction


& I’ll say no 

To that which stunts my growth

I’ll take the oath

To lead with heart and soul


– vocal toning –


Cause truth be told

Glitter will never be gold

So I’ll uphold

The light that is my soul


– vocal toning – 


I walk with purpose

Seek beyond the surface

To lead with service

Alleviate the hurting

& I’ll absolve

The wrongs I like to hold

Restore the hope

Once lost tenfold


– vocal toning – 


Cause truth be told

Glitter will never be gold

So I’ll uphold 

The light that is my soul


– vocal toning – 

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