We’ll be experiencing the Full Moon in Libra @ 8 degrees this weekend – on the 28th of March to be exact – which will create a cosmic concoction to deepen our connections: whether that is our connection to self, to others, our goals or our visions for the future.

– or all of the above –

With this Full moon in Libra, its energy places an emotional emphasis on harmonisation, connection and balance. 


with the Sun, Venus and Chiron in aries sitting in a cosy conjunction in opposition to this moon, the driving forces of these celestial bodies in fiery aries shifts our focus towards the self. 

The sun representing our ego, persona + the self, venus representing our values + our relations with people, places + possessions and finally chiron, which represents our deepest core wounds.

This particular lunar and celestial configuration poses some probing questions related to our values, relationships and the ways in which we respond to situations in our past and if this is something we should be bringing into our future.

Of course, where this affects us on a personal level is dependent on our birth chart but in a broad, general and collective sense – 

This is a powerful time to harmonise and bring awareness to our past + present in order to create our future.

allowing what no longer aligns or resonates to burn away in the blazing fire of aries season. 

To walk away from outdated and self-limiting patterns, behaviours or situations.

To envision and prioritise our future selves, missions, visions and deeper callings.

What is the cosmic influence play by play?

With this oppositional energy of aries + libra we’ll be seeking to balance areas + aspects of our lives in need of some realignment and reconfiguration. 

The Moon will also be making a trine aspect with Saturn, Mars and the North node all in the air signs aquarius, gemini and libra. 

a trine aspect is incredibly harmonious which can be a beneficial energy in this instance as Mars (which rules action and drive) has a straight-forward route relating to saturn in Aquarius and the moon in Libra.

This represents the ways in which we structure (saturn), direct our action (mars) and our emotional expression and needs (the moon),  making this celestial collaboration a potent time to explore any changes in our emotional and action oriented structures individually and collectively.

mars is also conjunct the north node in gemini which can bring the energy of determination, motivation and drive towards our goals and destinies.  This can amplify and invigorate any of our actions, pursuits or interests which may have a karmic flavour and theme, with the potential for a long term impact in their manifestations. 

This conjunction is a powerful transit which, when applied consciously, can cultivate incredibly transformational changes and opportunities.


 are we reacting from a place of wounds or responding with wisdom gained?

it would be wise to pay attention to our true needs and desires so we may construct the best situations and outcomes to facilitate the changes we wish to create. 

because of the karmic North Node and chiron influence of this transit  – as well as the energy of seeking emotional balance from the moon in libra – it is important to consider how we implement and enforce boundaries, the ways in which we use our personal power and the ways we channel and respond to changes.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is also making a conjunction with Neptune in the sign of pisces which will be squaring mars and the north node in Gemini. 

This suggests that there can be an element of struggle between the energy of our dreamy, lateral + intuitive communication and the ways in which we action and facilitate these changes. 

It would be wise to adopt radical honesty towards exploring and creating any changes – adopting a more virgo approach – to truly dissect, discern and analyse the past, present and the prospects of the future on our current trajectories and also looking at the ways in which we can craft and change course.

The fiery mars energy and general fire element influence we will be experiencing can be exciting and motivating Yet has the potential to cross fires and wires with impulsivity, recklessness or aggression.

Luckily, with Venus in Aries making a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, this transit brings a sense of confidence and stability towards creating the structures and foundations of our values – unifying staying true to ourselves during the process of collective innovation and reconfiguration.

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oracle insight

Which areas of our lives require discernment?

What activities or stance can we adopt to aid detachment and maintain our equilibrium?

How do we connect to our inner wisdom?

What allows us to create the space for our dreams and desire to reach a state of conception?

How can we channel our awareness and intention?

Which areas of our lives require harmony?

In what ways can we restore our internal and external harmony?






What makes our mind harmonious?

What makes our heart harmonious?

In what ways can we harmonise both heart and mind?

What are our attitudes towards change?

Which areas of our lives require or desire change?

What would this change feel like?

How can we best embody this change?

What are the methods to best facilitate the changes we wish to create?


full moon melodic incantation

To honour this full moon, I created a Melodic Incantation as a sonic offering and interpretation of this energy we’ll be experiencing.

This is definitely a headphones recommended meditation-sonic-landscape type of track in order to receive the full experience.

I decided to utilise the Life Direction protocol by John Beaulieu using layers of my voice, an array of tuning forks and crystal singing bowls to create the foundation of this Melodic Incantation.

I felt this protocol contained the most resonant and fitting healing properties for the celestial influences and themes we’ll be experiencing.

The Life Direction Protocol features the 128hz Fork accompanied by humming as well as the vocal toning of the other harmonic intervals + the corresponding crystal singing bowls. 

The vocal toning blends the ‘UH’ and ‘OH’ vowel sounds to activate and nourish our root and solar plexus energetic centres. 

I also used a Medicine Wheel Rhythm that resonates with the East which has the qualities of a new mindset, setting intentions towards new beginnings and the start of a healing journey. 

this also corresponds to the Solar plexus energetic centre that governs our inner strength, our personal will and self-esteem.

the sonic space is filled with a sort of echolalia and vocal toning twist repetition of the affirmation lyrics which are panned binaurally to create an enveloping and immersive experience. 

I added additional percussive elements such as the cha-cha seeds, mother of pearl shell pieces and the Japanese wind bell which you can see in the images below.

i’d love to know how this melodic incantation makes you feel – so if you’d like to connect with me drop me a message on the methods below:





all the pain

for brighter days



the inner strength

to walk away

i create

i create

construct the change

towards my fate

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