We’ll be bathing in the beautiful and mystical energy with this New Moon energy @ 23 degrees the 13th March 2021 which will last until the next Full Moon cycle in PIsces in September.

Astrologically speaking, we’ll be experiencing a dreamy, intuitive and innovative energy with the stellium in both Aquarius and Pisces working to broaden our horizons, perspectives and connecting to the bigger picture. 

Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius offers us a sense of innovation and an upgrade to the ways we communicate, create and consecrate our daily lives.

Combined with the Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune in Pisces in a cosy conjunction – this will be influencing the ways in which we express ourselves, our emotions, our creativity and ingenuity. 

Think oversized, heart-shaped, rose tinted, mirrored sunglasses energy

This energy is about embracing our dreams, visions, intuition and empathy – not only just embracing – but fully embodying the full spectrum of sensation.

Call in anything that has been sparking inspiration or aspiration since the Full Moon in Pisces from last September.

This is a powerful time for the visual arts: think painting, collage, mood boards, music, photography and film, poetry and/or sculpture. 

We have experienced so many significant changes and shifts in focus, ideas and ideals as of late.

This lunar energy is a prime time to sew the new seeds of intent which better resonate with the person we want to become and the lives we wish to lead. 

The strong Neptunian and Piscean energy can bring an overdosing sense of idealism which can make it difficult to see or hold our attention to the dainty details – hence the rose tinted, dreamy and idyllic qualities which are incredibly helpful once honed in and harnessed.

Both the Sun and the Moon will be sextile Pluto – making this a powerful and harmonious aspect in relation to embracing and expression our self and our emotions. 

With Pluto in the mix, this transforms our persona palette as the sun represents our ego self and the moon is representative of more of our subconscious realms and expression. It also provides a cutting-edge towards discernment which will be really helpful to hone in on what we want + where its coming from.

This is a powerful and harmonious energy to inject and infuse elements from the conscious and subconscious self to create a more well-rounded and less compartmentalised experience of our consciousness. 

It would be wise to identify and to get clear on any intentions you’d like to set, where they’ve arisen from and why as a way to call in this energy for our future selves to integrate and experience. 

Are there any coping mechanisms that we have used that are no longer serving our best interests? 

By connecting and understanding our version and expression of reality, we may be able to identify the ways in which daydreaming or visualisation may be hindering or helping.

For example, if we place more focus on the escapism rather than taking action to pursue and catalyse our goals, dreams and aspirations.

Mars in Gemini will be making a trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius which will be boosting consideration and contemplation in relation to brainstorming our intentions and goals.

This supportive energy moves like an entrepreneur working diligently, carefully and creatively dealing with any obstacles or challenges that may be ahead. 

If you’d like some assistance with this and objectivity to figure out where you’ve been and where you’re at, don’t hesitate to hit me up, get in touch and book a tarot reading or another session with me   here.

oracle insight

What inspires us on a soul level?

How can we answer our souls calling?

What messages have we been receiving from our dreams and intuition?

How can we embrace and express our limitless, infinite nature?

How can we create space for a new reality to emerge?

What dynamics have been at play in our daily lives?

How can we collate, orchestrate and fuse these dynamics to create a reality that is more in alignment with our truth?



 soul time








In what ways can we ground our visions into our reality?

How can we better attune to our needs and desires?

In what ways can we honour our physical bodies and the world around us?

What gives us a sense of self-belief? 

How can we cultivate self-empowerment and self-belief? 

What miracles can we reflect on that we’ve experienced in our lifetimes so far?

What miracles do we wish to create and experience moving forward?

new moon melodic incantation

To honour this New Moon, I created a Melodic Incantation as a sonic offering and interpretation of this celestial energy. 

I definitely recommend using headphones for the full immersive experience.

I used an increasing creativity protocol with the Crystal Singing Bowls as well as a G major triad throughout which has the healing benefits of creativity, expressing feelings, dreams and fantasies which I felt was super fitting. 

I wanted to capture the Piscean and Neptunian energy with this psychedelic, primal and progressive feel to this Melodic Incantation. 

I also used a little bell tambourine, cha cha seeds, catalpa pod seeds, mother of pearl shells and my homemade rattle to make up the percussion section and add to the filtered beat – to give that human, earth magic quality. 

The vocal toning in the Melodic Incantation is the ‘AYE’ sound which corresponds to the third eye which serves as a nourishing melodic activation or massage of this energetic centre to get those visions going. 

I also used the ‘AH’ and ‘EE’ sound to activate the heart and crown centre to give it an expansive, engulfing and ethereal quality to the sound – the merge of mind, body, spirit and fully feeling the infusion and magic of intent.

The whistles are an additional shamanic call and homage alongside the primal vowel vocal toning sounds.

The bass and electric guitar looping also add to the journey quality of this track – very subtle but very effective in the ol’ brainwave entrainment department. 

I’d love to know how this Melodic Incantation makes you feel – so if you’d like to connect with me drop me a message on the methods below:



– vocal toning –

i see my goals

see them seeping down to my bones

feel them beat in the heart i hold

breathe into desire

– vocal toning –

i dare to dream

dive in deep before i move upstream

ebb and flow with the thoughts i weave

breathe into desire

– vocal toning –

these seeds i sew

hold the blessings that i bestow

keep them safe so that they may grow

breathe in to transpire

– vocal toning –

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