The Universal Month of March 2021 in numerology corresponds to the number 8.

2 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 3 = 8

What does the vibration of 8 mean?

The vibration of the number 8 rules the concept of karma, authority, personal power, abundance and prosperity – usually around more material, physical and tangible results.

The lesson of this vibration is the unification of material and spiritual, gaining wisdom and channelling adversity into deeper compassion.

The number 8 is considered to hold a yin yet extroverted energy which revolves around the exchange of giving and receiving + cause and effect. 

The number 8 symbolises achievement, control and ultimate decision making skills.

8 also corresponds to the planet Saturn, the astrological sign of Scorpio – the ruler of the 8th house and the tarot card Strength.

The theme ‘as above, so below’ is also represented in this numeric vibration although it relates more to consequence as opposed to mirroring in the dance between spirit and matter.

The vibration of 8 is pretty black and white in its expression, as this energy does not subscribe to or accommodate half measured shades of grey. 

Like balancing the axis of the scale, it requires consistent small movements and the integration of duality.

What serves others, serves self and when serving the self by means of boundaries and protection ultimately serves the best interest of others.

The Universal Month of 8 can show us what themes and/or traits to embody over the course of this month and things to watch out for so we may curb + cast light on any shadows this energy may reveal or present. 

In its shadow, the vibration of 8 can exhibit tactlessness, greed, superiority and domination. 

When imbalanced, this energy can be too single minded, obsessive, rigid and lean towards more self-serving attributes.

The enaction and overcompensation of personal power to only benefit the self. 

The positive traits of the vibration 8 include sound judgement, ability to take control and manifesting or creating more financial or material abundance. 

The vibration of 8 has the power to view life from a broader, higher perspective.

The level of detachment and self-assuring leadership qualities are admirable and powerful in creating security, reaching goals and cultivating purpose.

The Universal Month of 8 poses the question and prompts us to reflect where and in what do we place our personal power, the ways in which we overcome adversity, our levels of integrity and the ways we exhibit will + strength. 

Now, for the Melodic Incantation context

If you don’t know, a Melodic Incantation is the term I’ve given my body of work.

It serves as a sonic, melodic spell infused with affirmation + intention based lyrics and healing techniques I’ve learned in my journey as a Sound Healing Practitioner.

For March 2021 vibration 8, I chose the key of E minor to set the tone. 

The key of E minor – especially when used as a triad – has the properties of reducing agitation, soothing depression, reinforcing a positive outlook + both instills and strengthens compassion for the self and for others.

I felt like this key really captured the core essence of vibration 8 themes and provides a context and framework which we can apply when navigating the month ahead.

Collectively, it’s been a real eye opener with so much shared trauma and change in such a short period of time.

We are starting to explore the idea of what the next stage of life can be here in the UK – making movements into the new reality we’ll be experiencing and co-creating: moving away from the life of global lockdowns.

We have witnessed now more than ever how integral kindness and compassion is within the human experience and collectively suffered the consequences of tactlessness and greed.

We have also witnessed the importance of boundaries and self-kindness which, when lacking, is equally as destructive as tactlessness and ignorance. 

The collective grief and loss shared is something I wanted to sonically explore in this Melodic Incantation – hence the minor key which often sounds sullen and sad. 

Minor keys in a Sound Healing practice tend to have a nourishing and releasing quality. 

It resonates to the vibration of our emotions and acts as a vessel to bridge the process of transmutation. 

I used four different vocal toning vowel sounds for the process of nourishment and release.

This provides the main texture and foundation of the Melodic Incantation which is supported by the piano arrangement, buffalo drum and the bass guitar. 

The ‘OH’ sound corresponds to the solar plexus which is the centre of personal power.

 the ‘AH’ sound corresponds to our heart centre.

I used an alternation of short, sharp staccato sounds as a way to release stagnant energy as well as a contrast of long, sustained more nourishing sounds to charge any depletions of energy.

I used this technique with the ‘AYE’ and ‘EE’ sounds which corresponds to the pineal gland and the crown energetic centre located just above our heads. 

This gives it that ethereal, holy sound and spirit quality as it activates those higher energetic centres within our four bodies: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

The weave of harmony and dissonance with the vocal toning and backing harmonies act as another way to shed light and release anything across our multiple bodies.

I intended for this technique + demonstration of sound energy to aid processing our own situations and experiences. 

It feels otherworldly and haunting, serving as a sonic interior locution activating a sense of reflection related to karmic balance, solution and personal resolve. 

– vocal toning –

I hold compassion in these arms of mine

Balance the forces between heart and mind

With patience and with time, the truth will come to light

Eye for an eye will make the whole world blind

– vocal toning –

I do believe integrity triumphs despite

Adversity provides insight

I work towards security in my own right

Divine dichotomy unite

– vocal toning –

Use inner strength to cross the finish line

Follow my vision to materialise

Pragmatic and refined, I strive for what is kind

Discern the obstacles to leave behind

– vocal toning –

I do believe integrity triumphs despite

Adversity provides insight

I work towards security in my own right

Divine dichotomy unite

– vocal toning –

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