We’ll be experiencing the Full Moon in Virgo @ 8 Degrees on the 27th February on this beautiful celestial rock we call Earth. 

This energy will be a slight lift to the imbalance that we’ve been experiencing – especially considering the Saturn square Uranus aspect which we encountered last week and will continue to experience throughout the year.

This square was exact on the 17th of February which has been accumulating friction and tension. 

This energy has now come to a head and has revealed to us the full force of resistance, stagnation, frustration and fallout in different areas of our earthly existence.

It could have felt like unexpected road blocks to the most simple tasks.

One of those days where no matter how many precautions were put in place, a curve ball arrived, uninvited.

Something we can no longer ignore.

This Full Moon can show us what changes we need to make and where we can improve as a result of how we may have handled situations or themes of the unexpected – evaluating our internal processes during this time.


What is the cosmic influence play by play?


While the Aquarian energy is still in a strong stellium, we have shifted into Pisces season which is forming another stellium comprised of the Sun, Venus and Neptune all congregating and basking in full 12th house glory. 

The 12th house represents that of the subconscious mind, the shadow self, secrets, illusion and delusion – heavily psychological with a slice of sacrifice on the side. 

This Pisces stellium is in opposition to this Full Moon in Virgo which pertains to themes of discipline, structure, daily routines, cleanliness  and overall health. 

This Lunar energy asks us to evaluate what areas of our lives need cleaning or tidying up. 

Or in the words of sage Dizzee Rascal: how can we ‘fix up, look sharp’.

Despite the Virgo moon in all its practicality – we’ll have to try to balance this force with the heavy Piscean 12th house energy which can bring a level of confusion towards this process. 

However, armed with awareness, illuminating and acknowledging the shadows and subconscious processes of our self – there is potential for an innovative and creative breakthrough.

We’ll be looking for ways in which we can balance creating order (Virgo) and surrendering to the process (Pisces) from the upheaval and grand reveal the Saturn square Uranus transit may have shown us. We’ll be processing and addressing practical solutions towards the disruption, surprises or shocks from this recent transit. 

What has arisen between the push and pull between restriction vs freedom?

Have any extremes revealed themselves in our daily lives and have any breakthroughs occurred as a result?

Is there anything that we are resisting which may require a lot of effort?

With the dynamic we’ve been experiencing with Saturn – who is traditional and rules history, time and the past – square Uranus which is more innovative and future oriented – Where does this leave us in our current timelines?


find order in flexibility

trust in the evolution born from disruption


This lunar illumination shines an influential light to transform and make changes to our daily lives and routines: making proper and long lasting adjustments rather than looking for a quick fix.

It asks us to slow down and recognise how far we’ve come in relation to more material and mindset related areas.

How are current themes or situations correlating and corresponding with our overall health?

Are we becoming aware of any beliefs or ideas we may not have considered before?

How do these ideas or beliefs fit into our current paradigm and is there a way to infuse this into our daily lives? 

Can we concoct a construct of symbiosis between the old and the new?

The practical and pragmatic Virgo energy can influence us to address our next steps in a similar vein.

It is inviting us to look within and review what has been working in our favour and what has been more of a hindrance.

There is a critical and discerning undertone which requires us to question any obstacles we’ve encountered which we may need to overcome.

We are invited to investigate where we may be blocking our own blessings due to rigid and stubborn ways of familiar thinking and questioning the practicality and sustainability of our lifestyles. 

oracle insight

How are we feeling towards our current trajectory?

Which areas of our lives require room for review?

As we reflect on working towards our intentions, what methods have worked in our favour?

Are there any limiting patterns that have arisen when pursuing our goals?

In what ways can we view our internal and external worlds compassionately and objectively?

What makes us feel most creative?

How can we channel our creation, focus and awareness to inject this into our intentions and daily routine?







heart chakra

What lens are we experiencing the internal and external worlds through? 

What areas require a shift of focus?

How can we take better care of ourselves and the planet?

How can we strengthen our connection to the Earth?

How can we align ourselves to express our inner magic?

What limitations and frustrations contribute to any heaviness in our hearts?

What needs releasing in order harmonise with our hearts desire?

How can we strengthen self-belief?

full moon melodic incantation

To honour this Moon Cycle, I created a Melodic Incantation using Sound Healing elements and concepts into a spoken word type of meditation and activation as a response and remedy to some of the themes and prompts from the current Celestial energy. 

I chose the key of F major which corresponds to the heart space in a i-ii-iii-iv chord progression to serve as a sonic reflection of process and accumulation.

I wanted this Melodic Incantation to have an expansive and earthly quality to it – like clouds clearing after a storm.

I used a Timpani drum to spell out ‘release’ using morse code to drum in and entrain us into grounding ourselves, reflecting and to release what no longer serves us.

I like the contrast between the childlike and innocent synth droplet sounds with the Timpani thunder-esque sounds.

It is a sonic reflection of our personal internal storms moving and shifting, recalibrating and reconciling. 

I used the hook based on the Victorian Wedding rhyme ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ as a play on words relating to the themes of this Full Moon and as a vow to the self as our own divine partner: 

to rectify the paradigm, to better align to the heart of the divine’.

To birth new beliefs, surrendering to the process and providing a pathway to progression.

If you enjoy this content, I’d be honoured to keep sharing and providing it for us to discuss and divulge at depth for our self-growth.

I’d also love to know your thoughts, feelings and your own interpretation to this Melodic Incantation.

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