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We’ll be experiencing the New Moon in Aquarius – 11th of February 2021 –  which will be a revolutionary and innovative energy with the 6 celestial body stellium in Aquarius: The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

This New Moon will be making a square aspect with Mars and Uranus in Taurus which can create feelings of tension, disruption and feeling emotionally imbalanced – especially for the fixed signs! 

A.K.A the Aquarius, Leo, Taurus  and Scorpio’s out there.

This energy will be all about revolutionising, de-centralising and restructuring ourselves and the collective at large. 

Aquarius is ruled by the sign of Uranus (+ traditionally Saturn) which governs restrictions, boundaries, electricity, technology and the internet so it will be interesting to see how this plays out in our daily, modern lives especially as we are embedded within social media.

Uranus in Taurus brings an unpredictable, unexpected energy with potential for disruption, which will be heightened in this square aspect to Saturn and the Stellium in Aquarius. 

The last time we experienced an Aquarius Stellium was back in February 1962.

This particular configuration and alignment was activated by an incredibly potent Eclipse.

This catapulted the revolutionary, experimental Aquarian energy which had a huge influence on the social movements and Aquarian ‘rebel with a cause’ themes at the time. 

This present-day alignment will not be as potent or impactful as the Stellium back in 1962 but will nevertheless create and break boundaries to impact and enact change. 

Venus and Jupiter will also be making a conjunction to this New Moon which will have a supportive and expansive energy.

This transit will show us which opportunities are available to us and can facilitate a sense of optimism and perspective in discerning what we take with us, what to leave behind and where to focus our energies. 

This transit will also activate the desire for us to take action despite the tensions, imbalances and scattering of energy we may experience. 


Expect the unexpected, 

hold space for disruption


This will be an incredible energy to enact change, whether we decide this for ourselves or is thrusted upon us. 

This is the time to focus and hone in our what we truly desire at a soul level – despite any disruptions, distractions or re-directions – as long as the intention is locked, set and sealed it is a potent time to kickstart these changes and set them in motion.

It is an important time to evaluate and reassess what areas of our lives need changing, to address our shadow aspects and shed the skin that keeps us bound to the past. 

What earthly habits do we need to break free and liberate ourselves from?

What lessons have we learned from our past that we can use to build the foundations of our future?

We may see a rise and renewed interest in spirituality/consciousness with the Neptune and Pluto sextile aspect in water and earth signs – 

the ways in which we connect to ourselves and our energy in motion: the emotions.

The Saturn and Uranus square will be exact next week. This will be the climax of this disruptive and chaotic energy – not yet settled – but will demonstrate innovative and exciting ways to push back and away from the structures and confines of the status quo. 

We can also see this energy in our personal lives in regards to patterns, behaviours and habits in the ways we interact with the earth, ourselves, the environment and our interpersonal relationships.

It would be wise to plan lightly around this New Moon and extending to the end of the month while this energy plays out. 

This Moon defies the status quo and asks us to shatter our mental confines and paradigms in order to align with our authentic sense of self – free from the restrictions of systems rooted in the consolidation of power. 

In this post, I’ve added journal prompts from the oracle pull to pose and ponder as a way to access and get in-tune with our inner selves. 

I’ve also added the links to the New Moon playlist which is listed below the Oracle section.

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oracle insight

What makes our mind harmonious?

What makes our heart in harmony?

In what ways can we harmonise both heart and mind?

What does the reality we’d like to create look and feel like?

How can we access our inner magic?

How can we best tap into our ancient, inner wisdom?

What lessons can we take from our past into the creation of our future?

What methods can we adopt to transmute the past in order to create the future?

What inspires us?

In what ways can we express ourselves?

In what areas of our lives do we seek change?




throat chakra



sacral chakra

How can we best communicate our needs, wants, dreams, goals and desires?

How can we connect to the Earth and our present physical reality?

In what ways can we honour the Earth and our physical selves?

What encourages our self-belief?

What are the experiences we consider miracles?

Where do miracles occur in our everyday?

how can we channel our creativity to manifest our desires?

How can we honour our emotions and personal expression?

What activities bring alignment to our being physically, mentally and emotionally?

What boundaries need building or breaking?


new moon in aquarius playlist

To honour this Moon Cycle, I created a playlist on Spotify and Youtube which you can click below to access and experience. 



These songs have been curated with what I feel capture this Lunar energy and the effects of the planetary influences we may experience, covering the themes we may be contemplating and considering. 

Since the last time we experienced an Aquarius stellium was in the 60’s I wanted to include some tracks in this playlist such as ‘Telstar’ which was released in 1962 – when the Aquarius Stellium was last active. 

‘The American Metaphysical Circus’ by The United States of America kicks off the playlist not only with the 60’s energy but also because of the incredibly fitting lyric:

the cost of one admission is your mind

I’ve also included ‘Marquee Moon’ by Television as this track is a total journey and the metaphors used is really fitting for this celestial energy. 

Life in the hive puckered up my night,
The kiss of death, the embrace of life
there I stand neath the Marquee Moon,
Just waiting

The observation of self and time when we are faced with a crossroad – the reflection of patterns in our experience and the pursuit of material or Earthly desires and distractions. 

The human habits we create which we wish to liberate ourselves from. The repetition of patterns and subconscious insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. 

Well a Cadillac
It pulled out of the graveyard
Pulled up to me
All they said ‘get in’, get in
Then the Cadillac
It puttered back into the graveyard
Me, I got out again

The other track which really resonated and speaks for this celestial energy to me is Silversun Pickups ‘Growing Old is Getting Old’. 

Pull out the fear of silence
And put out the need for guidance
And put out your own devices
And don’t be afraid of the cold

I’m all for an affirmative lyric.

 i also love the development and the journey – the build up of sonic tension and release. It feels like the revolution of shadow self, of integration and when our vulnerabilities become our armour, protecting us, strengthening us and honouring our selves and our rights. 

I’ve also included a few instrumental tracks which are intended to serve as a vehicle for transportation into the inner self. I love the Gamelan Orchestra in ‘Ibu Trish’ by Lou Harrison and Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan. It feels so mystical and magical – the invitation into our subconscious like when Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas enters all the different holidays through the trees. The percussion is so melodic, powerful and trance inducing. 

Deya Dova’s ‘Dance of the Seven Sisters’ really activates the sacral and throat connection illustrated by the oracle card insight.

I curated this playlist to cultivate our inner strength to self-revolutionise and facilitate our own inner transformations and transmutations to reflect into the collective. 

The weave of instrumentals, score and a focus of percussion serves as a way to entrain and coax out our potential – with the ability to access our truths, to liberate ourselves from what no longer serves us or what we no longer stand for. 

The last track I’ll mention is ‘Para El Pueblo Lo Que Es Del Pueblo’ by Piero which is inspired by the Dictatorial Governments between 1966-1972 in Argentina. 

The lyrics are incredibly fitting and gives a flavour of some of the potent Aquarian energy that was activated during the 60’s and the currents that followed as a result. 

I injected a Uranian surprise element with Iann Dior ft. Lil Baby ‘Prospect’ to keep it modern, sassy and the heavy Aquarian/Uranian lyrical attitude that’s exuded. 

I closed up the playlist with introspective ambience as sonic space to process and gather the feels and insights received.

I’d love to know what this playlist inspires for you!

Does it resonate or strike a chord?

What songs would you curate into your personal New Moon playlist?

If you enjoy this content, I’d be honoured to keep sharing and providing it for us to discuss and divulge at depth for our self-growth.

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