The Universal Month of February 2021 in numerology corresponds to the number 7.

2 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 2 = 7

What does the number 7 represent?

The vibration of 7 relates to themes of faith, spirituality, awareness, enlightenment, collective consciousness and the inner lives we lead.

The Universal Month of 7 can show us traits to consider, contemplate and embody as a collective over the course of this month.

This includes intuition, introspection, inner strength, independence but also relates to eccentricity, healing, secrets and the esoteric. 

The vibration of 7 has magical properties not only in its relation to wisdom, philosophy, alchemy, sciences and the occult but also in the power of persistence, purpose, intention and stoicism.

The archetype of the vibration 7 would be the innovative inventor or artist who is quiet, reflective, mysterious and rather eccentric.

This vibration is a seeker of knowledge, wisdom and inner truth with a deep desire to understand, sympathise and connect the self with others, the environment and ultimately with that of creation. 

The number 7 is considered to be an assertive or ‘masculine’ energy that moves in an introverted way – hence the mystery and mysticism it is known for. 

There is an otherworldly vibe about 7’s – a number of rest, contemplation, consideration, sensitivity and ultimately (self) mastery. 

It is not a superficial energy – it craves the deeper meanings and connections. 

It is associated with planet Mercury which governs the mind and The Chariot Tarot Card which also shares the themes of the inner journey. 

The vibration of 7 is associated with the sign of Libra, which again, is a ‘masculine’ Air sign concerned with diplomacy, deliberation, justice and intellect.

We can see this align as 7 can be calculated as a pair of symmetrical 3’s on either side of a 1 – the numbers of creation and initiation. 

much like each side of the scale and the foundation which facilitates the balancing act.


In its shadowy expression, the vibration of 7 can manifest itself as morbid, stagnant, depressed, (co)dependent, misanthropic, resentful and unwilling due to an inability to share and see beyond limitation. 

There is a sense of immense, one-sided weight in the shadow of the 7 – the weight of stagnation, lack of connection and shifting ‘through the shit’ which can feel overwhelming and perpetual.

When we experience this energy it is a reminder that the only way out is through. 

To dig even deeper.

To observe the limitations and go beyond them – surpassing the stagnation back into persistence. 

Breaking down the elements and examining them to its fundamental expression – which leads us back to this inexplicable, nonsensical yet intrinsic interconnection –  whether we are fully aware of it or not. 


“We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.”

― Neil DeGrasse Tyson


The vibration of 7 teaches us that the fundamental purpose in our human life is to learn from our experiences and our sacrifices. 

I interpret sacrifice as being related to the comforts of the crowd rather than taking the time to discover and pursue our version of truth. 

Now, for the Melodic Incantation context

I created this Melodic Incantation specifically for the vibration and collective energies we experience in the Universal Month of 7. 

A Melodic Incantation is my term for a sonic spell: using affirmations for lyrics and choosing a key and chord progression which I intuitively feel best captures the vibe into a sweet and simple melody. 

For February 2021 vibration 7, I chose the key of F Major to set the tone of this melodic incantation.

The key of ‘F’ corresponds with the heart centre. 

I’ve interpreted and applied this key as the sonic foundation of the soul’s compass – our search for individual truth.

I wanted this Melodic Incantation to have a vintage, nostalgic feel to it inspired by sounds of the 60’s – particularly ‘Albatross’ by Fleetwood Mac and ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ by The Beach Boys. 

When I listen to ‘Albatross’ it gives me a serious 7 energy – the state of sublime through sound. 

There is a concept in Japanese Aesthetics called Yūgen  which suggests the expression of what we consider ‘out of this world’ in our experience.

Out of this world we may interpret it to be, It is not an allusion, a mere dream or beyond ourselves or our world.

it is that air of mystery and mysticism in the subtle profundities, technicalities and deep exploration that is our interpretation and experience of ‘truth’.

‘Don’t Worry Baby’ on the other hand inspires me not only with the romantic and supportive message & title but also the iconic harmonies that The Beach Boys are famous for. 

The human voice can be so nurturing, supportive and healing – really capturing that Yūgen  energy.

So subtle, so profound, so present yet feels so otherworldly. 

I wanted this Melodic Incantation to draw on some of the elements I find inspiring from these songs whilst also incorporating the messages and symbolism of the vibration 7. I wanted it to serve as a reminder and affirm what Thou Alone is all about – the wisdom that is within us comes from our search for our own truth. 

I wanted the chorus to carry the message of ‘individual’ truth shared through collective consciousness and being made up of stars and Earth – the expression of the divine and the Universe experiencing itself in human form.

Separately, yet fully together. 

I also used an ascending i-ii-iii-iv chord progression on electric guitar which serves to reflect the gradual progression, the journey and the steps to self-discovery but also using a deceptive cadence with the B flat major to minor. 

A deceptive cadence felt appropriate to me because it has that element of sonic surprise which mirrors the journey of life: filled with surprises and twists and turns. 

I also used this for Sound Healing effect as a minor key has releasing and nourishing qualities to the sound which felt supportive and resonant to the context and intention of this Melodic Incantation.  

The vocal toning throughout is the vowel sound of ‘AH’ which also corresponds to the heart centre and felt like the most fitting sound for the message of this Melodic Incantation. 

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