We just had the New Moon @ 23 degrees Capricorn which pertains to the themes of releasing old attachments, patterns and self-protection.

As the Sun and Moon makes an almost exact conjunction with Pluto – these planetary characteristics can be expressed within our human expression through the self (the Sun), our emotions (the Moon) and the ways in which we transform (Pluto).

Astrologically, 2020 was deep in Capricorn energy with the Great Conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto all within this sign and very close together. 

Capricorn is the constellation of responsibility, discipline and structure. In its shadowy expression, it can manifest itself as burdened by responsibility, arrogant, rigid and restrictive.  

Pluto is associated with the Underworld, the shadow, transformation and transmutation often through the form of purge and release. 

This particular flavour of energy we’ll be experiencing has a serious 2020 taste to it. 

This prompts us to consider and/or experience themes of where we are holding on to attachments that no longer serve us – particularly on a psychological level – which may have come to the surface over the course of this Capricorn energy over the past 18 months (and beyond). 

Reflecting on the experiences and lessons we’ve endured, this energy encourages us to ask the sober question of what our core values truly are, without the facade or conditioning that has been imprinted and embedded within us individually and collectively.

Since Capricorn is practical and pragmatic, we are encouraged to probe at the foundations we have built, reflect on what has fallen away and the ways in which we can support & strengthen them. 

What is holding us back?

Where are we holding bitterness, shame and/or resentment?

This Moon energy reminds me of being at the Airport witnessing the anxiety and re-structuring of luggage in order to be constrained and confined to airline requirements. The purging and clearing of items from our suitcases or paying the extortionate fine.

There is always a price to pay.  

It is imperative to use our tools to centre ourselves and to be very clear about our wants, needs and desires and where the root of these stem from.

What are our reasons why?

Does it come from sturdy foundations or the faulty floors and rusted nails of an eroded, dysfunctional past? 

With this powerful Pluto energy, it can act as a mirror and magnet – amplifying, attracting and extracting the elements and narratives of how these themes play out in our human experience. 

Where we place our focus is imperative as what we focus on will unravel and expose itself in this process of transformation.

The ways in which we use our words, actions and thoughts will be reflected and amplified at this time, so getting clear on the root of our mechanisms would be a wise move to make. 

This is an excellent time to heal ourselves on both a psychological and physical level through the process of awareness and putting things together. The subconscious energy of Pluto has a knack for honing in on truths and the core of situations which can be revealed to us at this time.

It may not be pretty or feel good but it really is in our best interest. 

Mercury will be making a square aspect with Mars and Uranus which can manifest itself in an unstable, unreliable and relatively volatile fashion – making it more challenging to process the information of our immediate and collective environment and the ways in which we internalise what we consider truths or not. 

Despite what plays out around us, we always have the choice to take control of how we process and pave outlets for this energy to be funnelled and redirected.

The biggest takeaway from all of this is to centre ourselves from the overstimulation or restlessness we may experience internally and externally. 

This would be an excellent time to brainstorm and set intentions related to what you wish to release and call in for the foundations of your own – and our shared – future. 

The lunar energy normally has a two week cycle and we’ll be seeing the fruits of these seeds of intent around June for the Full Moon in Capricorn, making it last for a total of 6 months.  

When it comes to intention setting, make like Marie Kondo and tidy your conscious and subconscious quarters: thanking what we no longer need along the way to make room for all the new to shine through.  

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I pulled some Oracle Cards for the collective energy as a prompt for self-care, inspiration and things to consider in light of this energy:

Heart, Coherence, Tantric Journey and Cosmic Flower

How can we be loving and compassionate towards ourselves at this time?

Are our thoughts aligned with both heart and mind?

In what ways can we entrain the two rhythms to create a complimentary frequency?

What physical movement can we incorporate at this time?

Whether thats dancing, stretching, kicking a ball about or shadow boxing, how can we take some time to physically exert and shift this energy?

What can we do to honour and get to know ourselves and our core values?

To honour this New Moon, I created a Melodic Incantation honing and channelling the themes of this energy into a five minute Rock and Metal-esque track. 

Now, I know Metal is not the genre of the general masses, but hear me out. 

Metal is mathematically technical, sonically dissonant and emotionally charged to say the least – which is why I feel that it can be an incredibly healing genre when applied in context to processing our personal situations and the maintenance of our frequency. 

Lower and dense sonic frequencies affect our body by discharging our nervous system which helps us to release energy. 

This can be seen especially within the media when portraying certain emotions.  Those on the lower frequency end of the emotional spectrum usually have heavy rock, metal or electronic music playing to evoke the character’s state of mind not only through the audiovisual medium but also through the viewer’s physiological response when we become immersed, invested and empathically transported. 


 The head bang is real


This is the physical manifestation of entraining to the frequency.

The physical shifting of our conscious energy into a rhythmic release of movement and emotional expression.  

now, for the melodic incantation context

I chose the key of D Minor for this Melodic Incantation, using a drop D tuning on electric guitar which is very typical of Metal but also is incredibly fitting for the astrological and healing context. 

The key of D correlates to our Sacral energetic centre – aligned with our pelvis – and represents creation, sexuality, intimacy and self-worth. 

I used a D minor triad at the very end of this track which has an ethereal and releasing quality to the sound. 

The D minor triad is beneficial when used for times of change and transition and for observing karmic patterns in order to influence future direction. 

I put this triad underneath the invocation and spoken word affirmation at the very end to aid the potency and maximise the effect. 

The intention of this melodic incantation is to release guilt, shame, frustration and resentment in order to embody and embrace the empowered state. 

It is the sonic unleashing of creative energy which is almost chaotic at times: 

dark, deep and dissonant and ultimately the discharge of that which no longer serves us. 

I recorded the sound of a bay leaf burning which can be heard along with my lighter at the very beginning of the track and during the instrumental/melodic break. 

For the vocals, I used the vocal toning vowel sounds: UH, OOH and AH which correspond to the Root, Sacral and Heart centres respectively.

I chose to use these as a form of charge and release of the energy and empowering the message of the spell lyrics which I have listed below. 

I used Latin for the hook because nothing sounds more metal, old and Saturnian than the Latin language –

 & since Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn it would be rude not to. 

Personally, this has been very liberating and healing as ‘vincit qui se vincit’ is the motto of the secondary school I attended. 

They asked me to leave.

and so I did. 

vincit qui se vincit

those who conquer,
conquer themselves

Velle Est Posse

where there is a will,
there is a way

Vincit qui se vincit

Velle est posse



I’ll keep an eye out for my needs

Release the fear of being seen

It’s time to exercise my rights

For life need not be justified


You do you and I’ll do me

My happiness will set me free

I banish all remaining ties

My bitterness immobilised


Vincit qui se vincit

Velle est posse



I’ll take the time to recognise

And see the world through honest eyes

Access no longer authorised

To that which may demoralise


Vincit qui se vincit

Velle est posse



Every breath I take

I forgive mistakes

I rid myself of shame

To relieve the pain


It’s time to break away

Don’t hesitate

No more time to waste

Where there’s a will

There’s a way


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I’d love to know whether you resonate with this or if you are as passionate + fascinated by the power of sound as I am.

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Wishing you a potent and relinquishing new moon!

Take care + sending love,