The Universal Month of January 2021 in numerology corresponds to the number 6.

2 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 6

What does the vibration of 6 even mean?

The vibration of the number 6 has the properties of connection, harmony and balance. 

The number 6 itself is considered to hold a feminine and extroverted energy which are the main attributes to the traits this number manifests itself as in the ol’ third dimensional realm. 

The number 6 is nurturing, responsible, honest and corresponds to the astrological sign of Virgo and The Lovers tarot card. 

The number 6 unifies the ‘above’ with the ‘below’. 

An example of this could be the union of emotion and intellect or the inner and outer spheres of our human perception: from the deepest darkest depths of the personal shadow merging with the blinding white light/noise of the heavens. 

As a feminine, extroverted energy (not literally, obviously) it is associated with the archetype of the mother, much like sign of Virgo as I mentioned above. 

So, what is the arche-typical mother like? 

We’d say domestic, caring, providing and protecting, the selfless and unconditional force that teaches and demonstrates sympathy, empathy and just a general goddess energy. 

But when 6 or the mother is in a bad way? 

We’d say easily stressed, hypocritical, impractical, disconnected or absent, unsupportive, submissive and selfish with a bit of a superiority complex. 

So for a mother or a vibration of the number 6, striving for balance and unity = sanity and it is important to find the methods in which the number 6 can live to its fullest potential and cast minimal shadow. 

This would be striking the balance between giving and receiving, the direction and magnitude of our moral compass, our base of stability through the domestic and interpersonal relationships but ultimately it is about choice: the demonstration and the deliberation of our thoughts and actions.

When this energy is used constructively, it is a beautiful and powerful force to be reckoned with but when used negatively, it can be extremely damaging and destructive. 

To get mathematical about it, the number 6 is divisible by the numbers 1, 2 and 3.  

This makes the number 6 a composite number, an integer which is divisible by another positive number other than itself. 

That composite number sure is comprised of a few combinations, which is what makes the next point very poignant. 

The number 6 needs stimulation in order to keep on, keeping on. 

When deprived of this, the number 6 gets lethargic, depressed and much like Finnish rock band The Rasmus’ 2003 hit, it gets pretty ‘in the shadows’. 

The remedy and method to maintaining alignment is to keep moving, keep grooving, slowly, deliberately and in an orderly fashion. 

Just like when we pull or strain a muscle, it is important to keep moving and staying active in small and practical ways after the incident to keep up our strength. 

The Universal Month of 6 can show us what themes and/or traits to embody over the course of this month and things to watch out for in order to curb + cast light on the shadows of this energy. 


Now, for the Melodic Incantation context

This year, I decided to run ‘Sound Bath Sunday’ which is a monthly live, virtual and collective sound bath over Zoom which uses Numerology as the theme for meditation, contemplation and self-development. 

I like to craft and curate to the energies that are collectively present, choosing specific sounds, protocols and techniques to induce a deep state of relaxation, flow and becoming attuned to the parts of ourselves which may be diminished and dodged by the demands of us existing and doing the daily. 

Each session, I also create a Melodic Incantation specifically for the vibration and collective energies we experience. 

A Melodic Incantation is my term for a sonic spell: using affirmations as lyrics and choosing a key and chord progression which I intuitively feel best captures the vibe into a sweet and simple melody. 

For January 2021 vibration 6, I chose the key of A Major to set the tone of this melodic incantation.

One school of thought in the Sound Healing Realm is using the notes of the C Major scale to correspond to the different energy centres or as described in the Eastern Tradition, chakras. 

The key of ‘A’ corresponds with the third eye or brow chakra which is the centre for our mental processes and intuition. 

A.K.A the Pineal Gland 

or as Descartes aptly describes as ‘The Seat of The Soul’ .

The Pineal Gland produces and secretes melatonin – helping us to regulate and integrate the light and dark cycle of our environment and in basic, boring less mystical terms, our quality of sleep, where our subconscious and conscious self can fully integrate and re-calibrate.

When the key of A Major is used as a triad, which is demonstrated using the crystal singing bowls, it has the properties of optimism, soothing depression, stress relief and soothing bouts of brooding behaviour. 

I also used a i-iii-ii-v chord progression on electric guitar which serves to harmonise, soothe and disperse any stagnation in mind, body, soul and embody a motivating quality within the melody. 

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Wishing you a balanced January ahead.

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